Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (Part 7)

(Part 6)

Welcome back to that thing I sometimes do and now am doing again (Damn, I’ve really been doing this every week, haven’t I?  I’m proud of myself for not giving in to the usual Schedule Slip that plagues every single thing I do.)

Last week, we killed an extremely unpleasant evil cleric who was handling the poisoning of the iron mines that was contributing to the crisis we investigated.  After hacking our way through about 10,000 kobolds and chopping his face off, we found some letters that confirmed him to be not so much the Mastermind of Evil as the lower-middle-management of evil.  

Basically that guy. 

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AC/DC did it. Van Halen, too. After their initial success, both bands were able to rise from the ashes with a new lead singer, who led them to the biggest commercial triumphs of their careers. It remains to be seen if Stone Temple Pilots can recapture their past glory with their new frotnman, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, but as far as guitarist Dean DeLeo is concerned, they already have.

Can you even imagine how hard it must be to be in the places that One Direction are in. They used to have normal lived that they could walk on the streets or work at a simple bakery without getting bombarded by screaming teens. They not only have to write music for a living but also try to live lives that aren’t easy to live because of other forces. I feel so bad for all of them but I know they’re strong and can hold on as long as need be.