Fifth Harmony and Little Mix have a whole lot more stage presence, talent and can entertain more than One Direction. I love 1D, otherwise I wouldn’t have a blog dedicated to them, but they need to stop fucking around. I mean, do they really expect people to pay $250+ for tickets when all they do is jump around aimlessly on stage, aren’t even sober when performing and can’t remember the lyrics to their own songs?? Like fuck that shit. If any other girl group dared to do the stuff they did on stage they would never live it down because they are expected to have perfect choreography, perfect vocals, perfect outfits, etc. Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Neon Jungle, Girls Generation, GRL, and every other talented girl group out there, deserve a lot more recognition than they get.

A/N: this is just meaningless fluff dedicated to my wonderful and amazing twin klarolineforevermine. I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they gave me the inspiration and this came out of it. AU/AH and, like I said, super fluffy it will probably give you cavities! I hope you enjoy it anyway

A loud bang on the door disturbs the silence. Caroline startles, jumping a little as her peace is shattered by the extremely loud person on the other side of the door.

“Who is it?” she yells from her place sprawled across the couch with a blanket thrown over her. She is far too comfortable to have to worry about calling 911. The world is too cruel sometimes.

“It’s me, Caroline” Klaus sings from the other side, causing her to wince. It does not take a genius to realize that he is drunk. The drawl in his voice, his heavy footsteps, and the fact that it’s almost two AM were more than enough to clue her in. In all honesty, Caroline did not expect different results when she found out he would be spending the evening with Marcel. The two are known for their habits of wreaking havoc through the city whenever they come together. And she does not mind, she really doesn’t. She trusts Klaus wholeheartedly, and she knows that he would never even contemplate hurting her in his bouts with Marcel.  But if there’s one thing that Caroline hates in the world, it would be having to deal with a drunken Klaus. Klaus is a loose cannon when he’s sober, and a downright catastrophe when he’s drunk. She’s hoped that he would be too drunk to come back home and would crash in Marcel’s hotel instead.

Shaking her head, she forces herself to abandon the comfort of her blankets and book to pad towards the door. Swinging it opened, she finds a grinning Klaus on the other side.

“Why didn’t you open the door with your own keys?” she huffs.

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so basically I’ve had some really shitty experiences with friends screwing me over and letting me down in major ways in the past year or so and now I compulsively psychoanalyze people in a weird subconscious attempt to detect ways they might fuck me over in the future and I’ve had trouble forming any new meaningful relationships because of my crippling fear of people leaving me or abusing me so just know that if you’re currently my friend I appreciate you to the ends of the earth and I’m sorry I can be a fuck sometimes. I’ve developed a serious fear of caring about people more than they care about me and it can make me act cold or indifferent sometimes and just know that I don’t mean it and I’m sorry I’m just really scared of letting myself care about people and then watching them show they don’t actually give a fuck about me and never did


Left: how his wings should look, Right: the ones I have on the drawing right now
I’ve tried to change the colours on the one on the right without having to repaint it but it was just too hard to do on an iPad so I’m just wondering if I should change his wing design to the colours on the right image altogether or just make this a one time occurrence? I’ll still add the little speckles on the right wing, it’s just that I haven’t gotten round to that yet.

My favorite part of Dewport!! (mainly because it’s my only finished area lol)