Lois and Clark’s kids.

(From the left to the right: Lara Lane-Kent in Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #7, Kara Zor-El/Powergirl in New 52′s Earth 2, Jon Kent in Son of Superman, Jon Lane Kent in New 52′s Superboy, Clark Jr. in Superman #192 (V1), Carol and Jane Kent in Secret Identity, Lara Lane-Kent in Adventures of Superman #638, Laura Kent in Superman Family #200, Chris Kent in Superman: Last Son, and Jonathan Elliot in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?.)

Clark Kent, and Lois Lane.  Both as they appear in the movie Superman Unbound.  Lois was also part of the custom set ordered by a customer.  This is Clark pictured with his shirt closed.  His tie hiding the join.

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Hey guys more unposted stuff, this time sketchy designs of Lois and Clark growing up! I’ll probably spend some more time playing art catch up before I start posting more recent work.

You guys are the best for putting up with my nonsense!

PS if you’re curious I like to sketch and do clean-up work in blue then use black for finals.