Meeting Ashton

This past week I got the amazing opportunity to stay in the same hotel 5SOS, Niall, and Zayn were staying in. Needless to say it was an absolutely amazing time and I am so grateful I got to see them all, although I only truly met/got pictures with Mashton, but I am not complaining. This post is about Ashton because he is my fave and I have the fattiest crush on him if that wan’t already obvious. I am just going to write down every detail I can possibly remember about him so that I can come back and read it if I ever feel like I am forgetting something. Ashton girls feel free to read along, because I know that I love when people tell me every detail about him.

Ash is the only boy who came out of his hotel room often, whether it was to get food, sit by the pool, exercise, or just walk around. I only saw Michael, Luke and Calum once the whole time I was there, but I saw Ashton at least 3 times every day. I saw Ashton at breakfast every morning I was there, and he sat a couple tables away from me and ate by himself or with a security guard. Ashton eats very politely, I found it cute, maybe I’m weird. I didn’t stare at him while he ate but I did glance over to find him cutting his omelet into small bite-sized pieces and using his knife to scoop up a bit of ketchup and smear it on every bite. He actually kinda kept to himself which was understandable since we were in his hotel and he was just taking time to relax between shows, and it was a very private hotel.

Ash walks exactly like I thought he would, but it is hard to put into words. He keeps his head down mostly, and has headphones in a lot of the time. He is very aware of what is happening around him, and pays attention to everyone around him. Even when he is on his way somewhere or eating, if someone he knows walks past him he will stop to hug them, shake hands and talk for a few minutes. Like I already said, he keeps to himself but not in a bad way, it almost seems like he is in his own little world most of the time, listening to his music and air drumming away (which he always does and yes, it’s adorable), or whistling loudly enough for me to hear from my third floor room. He is a little ball of energy and sunshine, and I’m not even trying to be cutesy. Those are the words that perfectly capture him. He always seems happy, even if he has just woken up or just finished a long show. He will flash you a smile if you happen to catch his eye while passing him. He wore a lot of tank tops which showed off his arms so I was cool with that, he also wore black jeans or basketball shorts. A few times he had on a bandana or his newly found glasses which are actually so adorable.

The first time I actually talked to Ash was the night after the first WWA show at the Rose Bowl. I was sitting downstairs at the hotel in this little outdoor lounge and he happened to pass by to take some things to the lobby. He looked over at me and my two friends sitting there and my friend smiled at him to which he smiled back and said “Hello!”. We answered with our hellos and said have a good night to which he answered “Thank you!”, in his cute little accent. When we saw him round the corner to come back he looked over at us again and my friend asked him if he would mind stoping for some pictures. He seemed more than happy to and said “Sure!” We asked how the show went and he said it was good, then we told him we were going tomorrow night and he said “Oh, nice” and I said I was super excited. I stood up to take my picture with him and he looked down at my shoes and said “Nice boots”, but for some reason I heard “Nice boobs” so I didn’t answer because I was shocked but then my friend said “Jen, he said he liked your shoes!” So I laughed and he said “Yeah, cute boots!” so I said “Oh, well thank you!” The reason this was so important to me was because I had a flashback to the interview where he was asked what he looks at first on a girl and he answered that he always looks at peoples shoes, and he liked mine so I was stupidly excited about that. Then I posed for my picture with him; I put one of my arms around his stomach and one around his back (his back is very muscular) and sort of rested my head on him (which only really reached his shoulder) and we took one so I stepped away when my friend told me she was going to take another so I hugged him again and we took another. While we were taking our pictures I slightly remember him saying something about how casual he looked cause he was wearing basketball shorts and a gray tank top but it is all a big blur because so many thoughts were going through my head, I think I just giggled. I do remember thinking to myself “He probably smells bad since he just had a show”, but he actually smelled nice and fresh, not like cologne or anything, just fresh and boy-ish (?). Next I took a picture of him and my friend and I counted to 3 before taking it, but something went wrong on her phone and the flash went off and stayed on for like 5 seconds and I was like “What is this phone doing?! It’s not taking the picture” and I started laughing and he did too, so when the camera finally clicked Ash was laughing in her picture. I walked over to the two of them and I said “It didn’t come out very well!” and she looked at it and said “Oh this is a great picture of us huh?” to Ash and he said “Oh yeah it’s great!” and kinda giggled so they took a selfie on her snapchat and he made a funny face in it. Then my last friend went to take her picture and she wanted me to do some confusing thing with her flashlight on one phone and no flash on the other and she thought I was doing it wrong so she left Ashton to come show me what to do and his security guard said “Come on girls hurry up” and Ashton whispered “Don’t worry you guys are fine” which I thought was cute. I told my friend “You’re just going to have to take one with flash I’m sorry,” and so she posed with him and he was smiling big in hers. We told him thank you and then I asked for a hug and he said “Of course!” so we had a beautiful little hug and then my two friends hugged him and he left. It was the perfect little meeting and he was very sweet and comfortable and patient.

Later on he passed by us on that couch again and he glanced over at us and acknowledged us but we didn’t bug him, and he went up to his room.

The next morning on my way to breakfast he was standing in the walkway talking to a guard so I had to pass between them to get to the restaurant, so I just gave him a quick smile and said “Excuse us!” and he scooted back a bit to let us through, and from the corner of my eye I could see that he watched us as we walked past him and away from him. Every time he passed our table he glanced over at us and we just carried on with our meal because me and all my friends agreed upon playing it really cool and keeping our chill so he wouldn’t get annoyed by us since we were seeing him so often, but trust me my heart was racing every time I saw him.

Later as we sat by the pool Ashton walked past by himself a few times, drinking a smoothie, listening to music, and just air drumming away, which I thought was really cute. A few fans showed up somehow, I don’t know how because the hotel we were in doesn’t let you in unless you have a room paid for, and he stopped for pictures with them.

The next morning he had breakfast near us again and then when he left he stood and talked to his friends right in front of us for about ten minutes. Fans showed up again and (rudely) interrupted his conversation to ask for pictures, but he did take pictures and was laughing and making the fans laugh as well.

That night he went out with Halsey, which I only know because she showed up at our hotel to pick him up. Me and my friends were up all night, and I decided to get some fresh air outside while I talked to someone on the phone. I sat on the stairwell and it was around 4 a.m. and I saw Ashton coming around the corner but I didn’t get up because once again I didn’t want to be a bother. He went into the lobby, whistling the whole way and I could hear him from far away whistling his happy little tune. Then he came up the stairs, whistling all the way and I watched him go to his floor, but I was on the phone and he was very into his whistling so we didn’t talk.

The next morning he had breakfast alone and nearby, with headphones in. We kept to ourselves and had our fun at breakfast, and he glanced over at us a few times (I know I keep saying this, but I’m pretty sure he only did this because he was alone and didn’t want to be mobbed by a group of girls) A guard sat with him later and a group of younger fans went to approach him and the guard shooed them away. We left breakfast to go to the lobby and he looked at us as we walked past, so at this point we decided he knew who we were and recognized us all, and I truly believe the reason he paid attention to us was because we were so relaxed and didn’t bug him a million times, and it was obvious that he really appreciated it (or I’m dumb idk). We passed by a few more times, and he looked at us each time.

I was really sad to leave the hotel but I was so happy that I had the opportunity I did that I couldn’t stay sad for long. I know I had a lot of opportunities to talk to Ashton more, but I am actually really happy with the way I handled myself. If I had asked for a picture every time I had seen him he definitely would have gotten annoyed by me. I really like the way we had a casual type of relationship where we acknowledged each other each time we ran into each other, and I really liked the whole vibe of the hotel we stayed in. It is a hotel that is aimed towards artists, so I knew I couldn’t really freak out every single time I saw a famous person walk past me. What makes me the happiest is that Ash felt comfortable enough around me and my friends to just carry on doing whatever he was doing and being his cute little self. I got to see him in a setting not many people get to witness and it was really cool, so I’m sharing with you all too.

I can say with confidence that Ashton is my favorite for good reason, and although I knew he was my band/celeb crush and I knew I really liked him, knowing him in person and knowing his little quirks and how he acts when we isn’t being watched or recorded makes me like him that much more. He is an extremely cheery person and he does spread happiness wherever he goes. He makes everyone he talks to laugh, he smiles all the time, he is patient, he is nice, he is reassuring, he gives compliments, he notices you for the actual person you are not just as another fan, he likes to be out and about and will not stay in his room all day like the other guys (not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I am the same way and I can’t stay in my room all day just like him), he is active, he is energetic, he is adorable. His hair is amazing, it looks even better in person. He smells yummy even after a show. He is interactive. He is real. And he is pretty damn perfect. And I am screwed.

(I’ll post my pictures with him separately)