"nooo [insert male band member] didnt do anything wrong!!! what he said/did wasnt offensive ur just being mean!!! he didnt mean it like that ur taking it the wrong way!! hes just a small baby he doesnt kwno what hes saying!!!! uwu leave him alone ur just being rude uw uuuw" -90% of bandom

  • Dan:what do you think im gonna be doing?
  • Me:well u said u where gonna have sex so I'm guessing phils gonna be in ur room pretty soon better clean up

me in the bus

JG’s and Nash’s laugh tho

Why Sasuke's back is turned
  • Sakura:Lets take a family photo!
  • Sarada:Alright.
  • Sasuke:Hn...
  • Photographer:Okay then, together on one... two...
  • Sakura:Hold on... Sasuke.
  • Sasuke:?
  • Sakura:Could you not have your back turned.
  • Sasuke:I'm still looking back, its symbolic.
  • Sakura:Who gives a damn for symbols, take a decent family photo with us.
  • Sasuke:lmao
  • Sakura:...
  • Sarada:...