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Hi there! You’ve reached Beauty — And Beast! — And we’re out doing something fabulous! — Hot day at the beach? — Skiiing on slopes? — And we can’t come to the phone right now so leave a message at the beep and we’ll get back to you as soon as we— Ahahahaha!

the signs texting their crush

aries: texts first once then never texts first again
taurus: heart eyes and compliments all over
gemini: sends a paragraph for every response
cancer: “they don’t like me i’m just gonna quit while i’m ahead”
leo: reads the whole conversation to friends but acts like they’re not melting inside
virgo: “is this where the comma goes? did i spell this right? i’m starting over”
libra: is super charming and wins them over in the first few messages
scorpio: is really forward so they appear confident
sagittarius: participating in the most pleasant conversation ever
capricorn: adds lol to everything and overthinks all their responses
aquarius: covers every subject possible bc there is so muCH TO SAY
pisces: they literally cannot handle this right now *blush*

do you ever just want to tell GD how proud you are of him and how happy he makes you and how much he inspires you and how he really needs to take some time to rest because he works so hard and so much for us but you can’t because your brain just freezes and all of a sudden you can’t find the right words to describe him because he’s so damn perfect