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At the beginning, when it started, I always felt that Root liked Shaw and admires her and thinks that she’s totally cool and badass and just thinks that she’s awesome and.. then her way of sort of controlling Shaw is to flirt with her because she knows that Shaw hates it. But then I don’t know, it seems that at some point she actually started really, maybe, liking her more than, now it’s like she’s pretending that she’s joking but she’s not really.


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How to know if each sign likes you

I get these questions all the time and thought it would be easier to condense it into a masterpost. 

Aries: Frequent eye contact, bold staring contests, wide smiles, curious tilts of the head, frequent attempts to start conversation, friendly jokes and stories, somewhat obvious attempts to get to know you. An Aries wants to break open your shell and see your true self! 
Taurus: This sign is a lot more subtle. They seem to give off a welcoming, vibrant vibe when they like someone. Wide smiles, charming conversation, trying to get physically and mentally closer to you.. They will respond to you more than they do with most people, simply put.
Gemini: Wit and humor is a Gemini’s telltale sign. They can act charmingly cocky or witty; they will try to engage you in playful banter. If their eyes light up when they make you smile or laugh, you know they like you.
Cancer: Cancers can be playfully coy when it comes to this. Meeting your eyes and looking away, twirling their hair, smiling more around you, playfully touching your arm or nudging you… They will appear somewhat shy but flirty.
Leo: Leos are bold flirts(of course!) They can be very charming and devious when it comes to showing their affection. Challenging you, playfully fighting with you, making it their personal goal to make you laugh as much as possible… They’re generally pretty bold, but in a curious, almost childlike way.
Virgo: A Virgo craves knowledge when they begin to like someone. They’ll ask you your opinion on things, your likes, your dislikes, your goals, etc. If they make an effort to hang around you, such as asking you to coffee, or sitting by you at lunch, it’s a telltale sign.
Libra: Libras are a challenge, because they are naturally charming and somewhat flirty. When they are sweet and somewhat shy, this is your key. They’ll notice little things about you, or be aware of your needs; if it’s cold, they might put their jacket around your shoulders, things like that. They’ll be childlike and gentle in their affection.
Scorpio: This is actually an incredibly easy one, because Scorpios are very selective with their company. If a Scorpio is very intrigued by you, asking you a lot of questions about yourself and making jokes with you, they like you. They might be sarcastic or bitingly charming. Another telltale is if they’re slightly shy in your presence and do things like biting their lip, rubbing their neck, and blushing. Scorpios are pretty confident in front of everyone but their love interest.
Sagittarius: A Sagittarius’s goal is to make you laugh when they like you; but unlike a witty Gemini, a Sag will do cutesy and ridiculous things to gain your attention. They’re very humorous when they like someone, maybe even dorky at times, but in a way that makes them shine. 
Capricorn: Like Scorpio, this one can be obvious. If a Capricorn is slightly shy around you, asks you a lot about yourself, keeps intense eye contact, and generally goes out of their way to talk to you, this is a huge sign. They might be a little bit shy, but they’ll relax when you talk to them more. They’ll probably smile more around you and make more jokes. 
Aquarius: They can be pretty forward. Making lots of eye contact, asking your opinion on a lot of subjects, engaging you in intellectual conversations, trying to figure you out… These are all signs. I’ve noticed that Aquas tend to make you laugh and will say a lot of obviously flirty things to gauge your reaction.
Pisces: A Pisces is very curious when they like someone; they want to get involved with you! For instance, they might go to your art gallery or soccer game. They want to show you with actions that they care about you. They’ll engage you in a lot of theoretical conversations and might open up to you about their imagination. 


Crowley decides to show case his various established identities to Castiel… including a special guest.

you know I love the fact that fanfic is free, but I think it would be super cool if at the end of a fic there was a little donation button so that if you really loved the fic you could send the author a few bucks to show your appreciation

Trying to leave the lab and get back into the dating scene...


I wish I had the words
To make you fall in love with me.
But you are
So much more than I deserve.

I’m terrified of
Scaring you away…
Please don’t leave.

Seeing a picture
Of you can make me smile
When I want to cry,
And actually hearing from
You makes me light up.

Your smile radiates love
And hope.
You are someone that I admire
And want to emulate.

I want to scream at the sky
And tell it all the reasons
Why I think you’re perfect.

You are the kindest human being
I’ve ever had the pleasure to come
In contact with.
You love God and your family
And put them above all else.
You believe in magic.
You are passionate about what you do.
You are handsome.
You have hands that
Can create whole new worlds,
That are strong enough to
Fight for what you believe in,
And to hold those things
With the most gentle of touches.
You are funny,
But never at anyone’s expense.
You are playful and
You aren’t really a grown-up.
Not really.
And I don’t think you ever will be…

You know the difference between
Lust and love.
You respect women.
You appreciate all people
And can see
So much light in this
World that I once thought black as pitch.

The anticipation for your reply
Is why I keep going.
You give me something to look forward to.
I do not know your imperfections,
So to me -
You are perfect.
But I want to know them.
I want to know what makes you happy
And sad
And excited
And worried
And human.
You are everything I’ve ever
Imagined my
Happily ever after to be.
In short -

You are marvelous

Text to: Tobs
  • Katherine:Answer your goddamn phone
  • Katherine:Please
  • Katherine:Where are you?
  • Katherine:Don't make me search the whole damn town for you
  • Katherine:You know I will
  • Katherine:Toby I need you. I need you alive, please tell me where you are
  • Katherine:I'll call 911 if that's what it takes, so you'd just better fucking answer your damn phone!