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recs for good shows with lesbians that are not faking it, oitnb, orphan black, or carmilla?

  • south of nowhere
  • chasing life
  • chasing life
  • degrassi has had like 4 lesbian couples at least (palex, fimogen, jackogen, im missing one… did becky and imogen happen)
  • the fosters
  • pretty little liars
  • the l word
  • the real l word
  • rookie blue
  • bomb girls
  • coronation street (actually not worth the heart break lol)
  • skins
  • lost girl (i actually dont know what this show’s about i skip to the gay scenes)
  • chicago fire (but she dies)
  • the oc had a lesbian couple for like 7 episodes
  • greys

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fandom wants concrit - gets

fandom wimps out of concrit

"You change...everything."

Haymitch’s Games was cut off. Haymitch’s tragic back story was cut off.

Why? Is he just going to be that alcoholic mentor who was forced to sober up because there’s no other choice?

I love the idea of Sonic having these mildly sassy comebacks if the media’s trying to lead him into a circus.

"Isn’t it frustrating to have to keep rescuing an annoying child?"
"I’m not gonna rescue you when that ‘annoying child’ flattens you with her hammer.”

"Do you ever get crazy fanmail from other males?"
"You kidding? Some of the boys are the most romantic."

"You went to a boy’s birthday party dressed as a princess?"
"Everyone’s a princess. Except for people that ask stupid questions."
"But there’s no such thing as a stupid question."
"Then what was the last one you asked me?"