I reached 100+ followers in two week, which for some isn’t a big deal they get that in two days, but I                      am very pleased with this little milestone.
   So I am doing what all the cool kids are doing, 


First off I feel I have to mention my darling

                 PLEASURE SQUAD

silverspeedsterpietro temporary-alliance greatxirresponsibility deceptxrem harlykinns

    All of which are wonderful, some older loves, some newer ones, but they are loves nonetheless. {can I just say how much I love the fact the nonetheless is one word? because it makes me happy xD}
                                                                      more under the cut

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Can we all FINALLY admit what we’ve known all along?? The Duggars (especially papa Jim Bob) are gross, hypocritical media whores who’ve created a “brand” out of their 19 J-named children, and this ~scandal and their reaction to it just proves it.

i was always disappointed we never got to find out what everyone was up to after the events of mockingjay. just imagine like…

  • district 13 researching new and beneficial ways to use nuclear radiation other then for making weapons
  • beetee being the head of district 13′s research 
  • johanna never really settling down anywhere and travels around visiting people. she stays with annie for some time when her son is very young. katniss always tries to talk johanna into living with her each time she comes to visit but she prefers to live like this
  • katniss and peeta using their hunger games winnings to help kids who lost their parents because of the rebellion and opening their homes up to them
  • gale working with cressida and pollux to help avoxes reunite with their families/find suitable living and working conditions away from the capitol and give them the same rights as other panem citizens 

So I’ve been too busy semi-hiatus-ing to notice, but at some point this blog passed the 1000 followers mark?! I’d say something about how cool that is but it’s 1am and it would be sappy and you don’t want to hear it. (!!!!)

anonymous asked:

[I'm not willing to wait 4+ days while my asks languish in the bottom of your askbox. You want your secret admirer, don't neglect me that long.]

Okay, small PSA time?

There is a difference between straight out neglecting and simply not having the muse for an ask

It’s maybe awful of me but I don’t always have a reply for an ask (or anything, really), whether it be an anon or someone I regularly RP with or someone I haven’t RP with before

If I can’t think of a good reply, chances are, I’m just not going to do it. I don’t like forcing myself to write a reply just so that I can write a reply. 

Maybe I’m being a butthole but

[Kanye shrug]

My name is Macleod (muh-cloud) and I am tumblr user mxcleod. I love making friends and checking out new followers, I post a lot about science, women’s rights, social justice, fandom, and just relatively happier content! If you ever need anyone to talk to (about anything) don’t be afraid to message me!

Ashley and Ryan respond to my Tweets on The Patch
  • Ashley and Ryan respond to my Tweets on The Patch
  • Hearthstone: The Drinking Game - The Patch #105

“@exinspired also wants Trunk Club to send you shoes.  Because, apparently, Goddamn.”
(Ashley | Ryan)  (As usual, if the audio doesn’t work on Chrome, try mobile or another browser.)

And I got respect and I don’t neglect the people that I really care to protect [x]

Happy Birthday Karen!

I’m so excited. Everything be predicted happened so far. The dailymail article and them linking HL and after Niall posted the photobooth meeting again (yeah we saw you were with them) the Taylor photo even seems more like a stunt. I can’t believe it.