Black People do not have to be stoic, or quiet, or turn the other cheek when it comes to the abuse we face.


Stop believing that racism can be ignored. That it can be fucked out, bred out, wed out, or that it just dies out.

Undoing and defeating racism and it’s negative effects is something that’s actively done.

When Louis tweets about something UK related it reminds me of Ferris Bueller tricking his parents to get out of school, like he set up the dummy in his bed & puts on a fake snoring machine, but that kid is in the middle of the city dancing to a beatles song. Like I’m sorry but ‘I’m absolutely in the UK’ tweets make me assume he is ass naked in the backyard of his and Harry’s LA home getting his tan on…

scientists have made an amazing discovery! 100% of the people who think armin is weak and useless were born with a bizarre tract leading from their assholes to their cranial cavities, causing their brains to swim around in shit for their entire lives!