I’ll never understand why people make fun of certain stoners for naming their pieces. Like seriously. People have real reasons for naming pieces sometimes, like a code name. Example: “Dude can you bring Garfield over later?” Other people just like naming their pieces cause they treat it like a child, glass can be expensive as hell sometimes and should be treated with respect. I’m sure theres other reasons too, but honestly I don’t see what the problem is.

You’re not a superior stoner for putting others down.

I am seriously having such a Sam Winchester problem today. Like oh god Sam who never got to have his mom teach him his first words or steps or tie his shoes or kiss him goodbye on the first day of school. Sam who never had anything but the backseat of a car and endless monsters in the dark, who never knew any kind of security except for the warmth of his brother’s arms. Sam who jumped into hell to save the person he loved most, who would do anything to save his brother because he can’t do it without him. Sam who still manages to smile, to laugh at his brother’s stupid singing in the car, to have hope when there’s none left. Just….Sam’s my fucking hero.

People on here fucking disgust me.
I’ve been on here for 4 years, and I haven’t changed my opinion on most of the people on here yet. Don’t get me wrong, my followers are lovely, and so are the people who I follow. Then you have the other majority.
Don’t you dare message my boyfriend on anon, telling him I’m fucking ugly & I have little to no amount of followers, and I’ll never amount to anything. (Picture above is to show them I do have a decent amount of followers.)
How fucking sick do you have to be? Like seriously. What the fuck is your goddamn problem? Message me instead if you want to say shit. Pathetic you have to go on anon, and behind a gray mask.
I’ll never amount to anything?? Like you’re any better. All you can probably do is spew shit from that god forsaken thing you call a mouth.
Fuck off, kid. Get a life. Your petty words mean shit to me. Rofl.
Talk shit about someone you don’t even know. Oh wow, such a winner. Perhaps you say shit about others because you’re insecure about something about yourself??

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OMG your latina? I'm always so happy when I see another Latina muslim.How do you deal with eating halal Mexican food? I find it so hard because so much Guatemalan food has pork and I don't know where to buy halal meat to make the food myself

Omg please come off anon! Yes, but only half, lol. My mom cooks/ taught me how and her family’s heavily Jewish and Mexican so it’s never been a problem for me because I’ve never had pork because she just didn’t cook it because of her background. Honestly you just have to look for markets. There are a bunch of kosher and halal butcher shops in LA so it’s not super difficult for me. Try the app Zabihah maybe? They have a “halal markets” tab. But seriously come off anon. Like we need to be friends because I haven’t really found anyone either, lol

Seriously debating whether I should go to London just to watch Age of Ultron. I don’t want to go the cinema alone where I live but I want to see it asap and I have no one to go with because everyone has work. Ugh I booked this day off months ago and kept telling everyone else to but I asked one of my friends the other day and she was like May 7th yeah? And I was just like you know what forget it. I’m never going with anyone to see their crap movies ever again.

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Harry Potter and The 100? Which houses do you sort the delinquents into? I have my own opinion but I'm curious whether we agree or not.

oh ok. wow. I think a lot of them would fit into more than one house. I saw many different posts about this crossover and almost all the time the delinquents were in different houses and the tags were always like „no clarke is definietly a” and „octavia would never be in”

Let’s be honest we all take our house very seriously but i don’t think there’s anyone who fits into one house only.(even in the hp books. i mean c’mon. hermione? harry? ginny? lily?) So usually I don’t have a problem with the sorting. Anyway. My sorting.

  • Clarke: slytherin (cunning, leader type, strategist, boss ass bitch) gryffindor (leader type, brave, heroic) ravenclaw (smart, planner, rather intellectual than physical) hufflepuff (takes care of everybody else first)
  • Bellamy: slytherin (leader type, has a thing for power, fck rules and fck the system) gryffindor (leader type, heroic, passionate, rebel, short-tempered, bold, daring, can be a smug asshole no judge im a gryffindor myself) ravenclaw (history nerd, smart) hufflepuff (loyal)
  • O: hufflepuff (loyal, hard-working) gryffindor (adventurous, daring, doesn’t care about the rules) slytherin (achievement-oriented, a little fck the system, destined for greatness)
  • Raven: ravenclaw (a freaking genius, hardworking, witty, proud, sassy) gryffindor (short-tempered, bruiser)
  • Murphy: slytherin (sassy, sarcastic, misunderstood, bad boy attitude)
  • Wells: hufflepuff (loyal, caring, forgiving, patient) slytherin (leader type, ambitious, he’s got the potential to be great)
  • Finn: hufflepuff (love-oriented, peacemaker, moralist) gryffindor (reckless, adventurous)
  • Jas: gryffindor (class clown, show-off) hufflepuff (friendly, kind)
  • Monty: hufflepuff (friendly, kind, loyal, honest, ANGEL) ravenclaw (smart, a genius just like Raven)

THEY ARE DIVERGENT! But I like to think about them as hufflepuff!Octavia, gryffindor!Jasper, ravenclaw!Raven, slytherin!Murphy, hufflepuff!Wells, hufflepuff!Finn, ravenclaw!Monty, gryffindor!Miller.

I’m in trouble with Bellamy and Clarke. I think they are definitely gryffindor or slytherin. These two houses are very similar. Maybe slytherin!Bellamy and gryffindor!Clarke. Idk it’s too hard.

I like the idea of slytherin!Clarke, slytherin!Wells and gryffindor!Bellamy. I just think it would fit with the storyline. Like pureblood Wells and Clarke, prince and princess of Hogwarts and Bellamy judging them bc he thinks they think they are better than anyone bc they come from money.

Or maybe Clarke and Bellamy in the same house. Co-captains of the quidditch team, always fighting.

And nobody eats at their own table. Where is Jasper, there’s Monty. Where’s Clarke there’s Wells. Where’s Raven there’s Finn. Where’s Bellamy there’s Murphy and Miller. Where is Octavia there’s Jonty and where’s Monty there’s Miller. And later where’s Clarke there’s Bellamy. AND THEN THEY’RE ALL EATING TOGETHER bc Monty and Raven are both ravenclaws so they eat together and Jas has to eat with Monty but he also brings his gryffindor mates Miller and Clarke. Clarke brings Wells and Wells brings his hufflepuffs, Finn and O. Octavia brings Bellamy and Bellamy brings Murph. AND THEN SUDDENLY THAT’S THE SQUAD!

And they always get in trouble. Sometimes just three of them, sometimes in smaller groups and sometimes all of them together bc they’re all like “if you fuck with them you fuck with me”. AND THE TEACHERS JUST CALL THEM THE DELINQUENTS!!



seriously guys!!

for a site that is really big on female representation and feminism and all that Charmed is like one of the best shows!

It’s mainly a female driven show,

The girls are badass and are able to take care of themselves

they dress very sexy/revealing and are also promescuous but its never an issue and they aren’t made out to be ‘sluts’ or anything. Its seen as perfectly acceptable (as it should be!)

They each have successfull careers

They go through everyday problems 

they act like real people making funny voices and being goofy sometimes 

and thats just part of the awesomeness of it!

seriously this show is awesome and if you love female representation WATCH THIS SHOW!!!! I honestly wish more characters were written like these girls gahh I love it! 


For the Record (#21)

Welcome to another Saturday edition of For the Record! Today I’m pleased to share my Q&A with vinnystrawberry, an art journaler from the rural Canadian prairies (small town) who went to school for design and drafting but works as a mechanic. She is an INFJ (I think a lot of us journalers fall into that category!) and loves creativity, nature, the outdoors, and hobby farming. She kindly shared her thoughts on journaling:

1. How long have you been journaling? 

I’ve been obsessively art journaling for about 2 years now, I have 5 filled journals and have about half a dozen on the go. Seriously, it’s a problem.

2. Sounds like fun, though! Can you describe how you use your journal/your journal style?

I have never been comfortable with writing down my thoughts, so most of my journaling is visual and/or obscure writing. I like to incorporate my own photographs into my pages, as well as collage, drawing and painting. A lot of it is random, and the majority of time I don’t have an end result in mind. I mostly just like to play.

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Do you ever just sit on your floor and cry because…

ps have you ever thought about cosplaying Steve? Because you’d be a really good Steve… maybe it’s bc steve and cullen remind me of each other? idk but ITS TRUE…

Me? Cosplay Steve? 

No, never. 

In all seriousness, I do really have a problem because I look at these tall, muscular male characters and I’m like “THAT ONE. I WANT TO BE THAT ONE. BUT WITH LONG HAIR AND BOOBS. YES.”  

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I told my stepfather about Emma Sulkowitz's story (The mattress chick) and he told me that it wasn't rape. She wasn't underage, so it was clearly just sex. "We're not sure if she was raped or not... We only have her as proof". I don’t know why I’m so surprised, really. I mean, it’s the same guy who broke up with my mother when she got cancer, cancelled their insurance and told her that he wanted her dead. I can't believe we live together. I'm disgusted. I'm seriously disgusted.

Holy shit that’s awful, it seems like parents and family members have a tendency to disappoint and concern with their stances on social problems but your stepfather worries me like wow that’s low

(My family’s Chinese so while rape and sex pretty much never get mentioned my family will probably disown me if I told them I wasn’t straighter than my hair)

i hate when youre having some sort of issue, and you bring it up to talk about or something, and someone invalidates it by bringing up their own problem, thus turning the attention from you to them. it creates an environment in which you feel your feelings will never be taken seriously, and where you don’t care about the other persons feelings because it feels like they just bring them up for attention and to invalidate your own. 

if someone brings something up, put your own issues to the side for the moment, and make sure they know their feelings and issues are important. pay attention to them and let them open up. if you have something you need to talk about, bring it up at a later time in order to not devalue them and their feelings. feelings jams are also good, an environment in which everyone gets to gush and empathize with one another, and everyone feels heard and respected.

When have I ever had an issue with gay characters, (never mind real people)? I am the guy who is pushing “Earth 2” down in the comics forum.
My problem with Chromedome and Rewind is that it is fucking shipping in a book that already reads like a damned fanfic.
Fanfic is malum in se. There. I. Said. It.
Gay robot comics. No. Seriously. Gay robot comics. Dude, that sounds like a parody of everything that is wrong with our hobby. 

*feasts copiously on these bitter salty cishet tears*

So it’s come to my attention that some were a little upset about the ask I (accidentally) published. I meant it to be private but I got some asks about it and I’m going to address some things.

First, I don’t tag my posts #snk or other means because that’s all I post. But if I get enough people that have a problem with that telling me they want me to that’s fine I’ll start tagging it. All I meant is I didn’t want to do it if only one person asked because half of the time I’m blogging on the go and I like to just tap reblog and move on. 

Second, I seriously never knew that some people wanted you to ask before following. I automatically follow whoever follows me. So if you don’t want me to follow you without your permission. Apologies. Let me know and I will unfollow you and then ask.

I wasn’t trying to be rude or attack anyone. I’m just a simple trashy weeb who is trying to get through their trashy weeb life. I love my followers so if you have any issues with my blog or something and a lot of other people have the same issue I will make adjustments. Well, anyways. That’s that. Hope that was a good enough apology. ^_^’ Byebye!

Honestly the biggest problem is that I have no goals/aspirations/drives.  I can’t remember if I’ve complained about this before?  Probably.

But like seriously I have no motivation.  There’s things like/want but it’s never pressing.  If I don’t get those things…oh well.  Whatever.

And it’s not like I’m HAPPY in this arrangement.  This isn’t some ascending to Nirvana free from worldly entanglements thing, it’s just… I dunno, I guess brain chemistry and also being raised by my mom who is equally lacking in goals and ambitions.  And I don’t mean that as an insult to her, I see her struggling with the same things I struggle with and all I want is her to find that one thing that inspires her so much that she finally does the things she wants to do.  I’m afraid of becoming her - except that really I’m already there - but also I want her to be happy and fulfilled and all that.

And also I want those things for myself.

No amount of anti-capitalist feel good “you’re not required to be productive to be worthwhile” bullshit will actually make me feel better.

Like, I do want to make money with my art or at least with something creative but that’s not really the goal.  I could make zero money and I’d be happy as long as I got a bunch of notes on tumblr.  Mostly I just want, you know, the usual social/emotional shit.  Acknowledgement and the respect of my peers and so forth.

And instead I just flit from project to project and produce/achieve nothing anywhere in any form. 

So much art advice is just like “you have to work through not being inspired” but I can’t? Like, up to a point it’s possible because a lot of times you have to just stop caring and trudge through the boring and tedious parts of a picture.  I’ve done that in the past and sometimes that’s the only way to finish something because as soon as you stop caring you stop having expectations and don’t get bogged down trying to meet those expectations.  But at some point you also need to have some kind of vision because otherwise you’re just mucking around.  And if you’re an experienced artist mucking around will still produce pretty good stuff but if you’re trying to learn and improve and push yourself, it just produces crap.  Art requires THOUGHTFULNESS.

Like that’s where I’m at right now.  I open up so many files that are half finished.  Poke at them for a bit.  Realize I don’t know what I’m doing with them still. And close them again.

And it all goes back to the whole lack of goals/aspirations.  Like I think most people would say that I’m a fairly creative person and associate me very strongly with art but the truth is I’m fairly blank inside.  There’s nothing clever in there at all.  Nothing interesting or original.  I don’t really have anything to say. 

I even have boring dreams. Like, not metaphorically but just literally my actual dreams are terribly uninteresting and emotionally flat for the most part.  I don’t even have nightmares because I’m a fairly lucid dreamer and I wake myself up if things start getting creepy.

I keep making posts like this in hopes that someone will link me to a tutorial on how to lead a fulfilling and happy life but the truth is that I’m an adult who probably has ADD and that combined with…I don’t know…? Depression?  Dysthymia?  Is that what this blankness is?  I have trouble conceptualizing it as a mental illness since it’s my baseline and I kind of just assume that everyone feels like this but gets over it.  Anyway the way those two things interact is just…never going to stop being a problem.

I keep meaning to find a therapist but finding one that takes my insurance and isn’t a useless asshole is it’s own struggle worthy of a long rambling feelings post.

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Seriously?!  Do you not understand that what I am saying is—  it is NOT OK TO ACT LIKE A DICK–  ever.

But that if you think you have never been part of the problem you are kidding yourself.

I wish I could tell you how many people that I know PERSONALLY that bitch to me about audience behavior that have been the subject of OTHER people bitching about them.  

I’m trying to (not so subtly any more) tell people to kwitcherbitchin because you may be perceived as the problem by other people.

I try to be good.  But I’m human, and I know I’ve likely pissed some people off–  it’s not intentional.  I try to be self aware, but it doesn’t always work.  

To say that someone is “intentionally trying to ruin someone else’s show” is also ridiculous.  Sheez!

My comment about “Beating them at their own game” was not justifying, condoning, accepting, promoting or in any way endorsing said behavior.  I’m just saying, TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELVES.  If you are truly the Saint of the McKittrick, you don’t need to feel threatened by this conversation.  In the words of Dr. Phil -  “It’s NOT ABOUT YOU.”

Of COURSE it’s quite pleasant to follow with someone else who is being polite, holding doors, sharing the experience–  those aren’t the people I’m talking about.  

Frankly, the closing performance at THE DROWNED MAN was 99% superfans and it was one of the most pleasant audiences I have ever seen).

Let me reiterate-  I’m not saying I am not bothered by the audience behavior at times.  But I know that we are dealing with an art form that is relatively new to most people who are experiencing it on any given night.

If someone is negatively impacting your experience, find one of the other approximately 99,999 square feet of space to explore–  problem solved.


I’ll care about this TMZ/EXID “controversy” when Korean celebrities start caring more about when they imitate and mock someone of another race, especially black people.  All these KCelebs like “Wow unacceptable TMZ give us an apology!” while black fans have to write out full petitions and beg for them to stop imitating them and offending us, but then they keep doing it like it’s a freaking talent or something.

Like do you guys realize how it feels now?  Being mocked by another culture you respect but sadly they don’t respect you?