Yes, some people have very good reasons for not coming out — they could be thrown out on the street, they could be fired from their job, their physical or mental safety could be compromised. But if that’s not the case, I believe we have a responsibility to come out — especially if you are in the public eye and your being out will have a positive impact. And today, thanks to people like Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Page and Neil Patrick Harris and Zachary Quinto, coming out in Hollywood does not equal career suicide.

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Virginia Students Respond To Homophobic Preacher With Hymn Of Love

Reminding the world that not all Christians are focused solely on hatred for their fellow man, a homophobic preacher who appeared on the campus of James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia earlier this week had his hateful speech drowned out by students with a Christian message of peace and love, reports Huffington Post.

According to witnesses, Ross Jackson, who is the founder of Revival Mission Ministries, launched into sermons condemning a variety of “sinful acts,” including homosexuality, drinking alcohol andlistening to country music.

He is also reported to have yelled “all homos are going to hell” at a crowd gathered at one of the talks.

However, students at the university were not willing to allow Jackson to get away with his hate-speech. Student-journalist Lauren Hunt live-tweeted the preacher’s appearances, noting his arrogant approach to student opinions.  Other attendees brought rainbow-colored flags and protest signs, while one group of students stood in full view of Jackson to sing Christian hymns about love, drowning out his words.

According to Hunt, Jackson called the singers and guitar player a “pervert leader and his band of followers.” However, Hunt tweeted “the students’ singing has overpowered the voice of the preacher.”

According to the university’s newspaper, Jackson was forced to leave the college campus Wednesday after he was issued a police summons for assault and battery, as well as a no trespass notice.

"Guys like me are pretty invisible. In some ways that’s a good thing and I’ve even had some guys say, ‘Why do you want to tell the world about us? Isn’t it better to just stay secret and pass?’ But it can be really isolating - to not know anyone like yourself who knows what you’re going through. The first time I met another transman in person, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Trans women are a lot more visible, but there are actually many of us transmen in Singapore. So I’ve just decided to be out about it and I’m going to do a documentary about my transition.

I hope that by making this film and by being visible, that other transmen won’t feel as alone as I did. Nobody has done a documentary like this before - personal stories, peeks into our lives to show that we’re more than just our surgeries. So far the response has been amazing. Lots of people have offered support. But the thing that I feel best about are the emails I’m getting from all these guys saying how just knowing that I’m out there makes coping easier. It’s a real lifeline.

I understand that being out like this might have some personal cost, but acceptance will never happen unless some people are willing to put it on the line. And that’s what it means to ‘Man Up’, isn’t it? Taking responsibility and care for those around you, even if it’s not easy.”

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The UCC’s [United Church of Christ’s] decision to file suit represents a bold step forward for the Christian left, which has often been relegated to the sidelines in American politics by the more aggressive Religious Right. The United Church of Christ is now using “Freedom of Religion” to defend the right of gay couples to marry, and aligning marriage equality with religious liberty. This approach flips the traditional argument for “religious liberty” used by conservatives on its head, and places marriage equality as consistent with both the U.S. Constitution and Christianity. Regardless of whether the lawsuit is successful or not, America benefits from a resurgent Christian Left that offers a counterbalance to the toxic ideology of the Christian Right.

Dün İzmir’de öğlen saatlerinde bir trans erkek kendini balkon demirine asarak hayatına son verdi. Facebook hesabından son paylaştığı şey ” ne boka yaradı normal olmak ” oldu.
Aile baskıları bir can daha aldı.
Tüm sülale benden nefret ediyor hatta babam ” as kendini kurtulalım senden ” dedi, kız arkadaşına.
Eve gittiğinde de astı kendini Okyanus Efe Özyavuz.
Hepimiz biliyoruz, transfobinin, homofobinin yerini!
Tek suçu hissettiği bedende yaratılmamasıydı.
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In 77 countries, it’s a crime to be gay. For each one there are lives on the line. A lesbian in Jamaica who can’t go to the police when she’s attacked. A gay man in Cameroon behind bars.

But there’s something big we can do right now to make the world really pay attention. In just a few weeks, officials from more than half of the 77 will be in the UK for a huge international sporting event – the Commonwealth Games.

They’ll want to celebrate and boost their reputations. Instead, we could put their countries’ anti-gay records front and center of the media and their peers with a HUGE pink 77 projected onto a major building outside their windows in Glasgow.

Will you chip in to help us pull it off?

I was reading an article about homophobia along with “discussions” in college and honestly I feel like crying.

Well I know that the world is not like the fairy tales we read during our childhood, much less a completely happy place. I should not be surprised with the things of this world but the percentage of homophobia really surprised me.

What encouraged me to write this short essay was an article where the number of LBGT abandoned by their families is really high. As if that were not enough this abandonment is also a major cause in adolescent suicides. How can someone reject their own children?

This is really sad …

This really annoys me. I hope the children know that there is hope and there are people who care. People who are wanting to keep them in your arms, people would open their doors to let them saved, and who would love them for what they are.

I really want a child of the LBGT community, it would be my greatest pride, he would be proud of yourself and never vivaria.Despite part of that statistic.

Love is the solution.


Eu estive lendo um artigo sobre homofobia juntamente com “discussões” na faculdade e honestamente eu tenho vontade de chorar.  

Bem eu sei que o mundo não é como os contos de fadas que lemos durante nossa infância e muito menos um lugar completamente feliz. Eu não deveria me surpreender com as coisas desse mundo mas o percentual de homofobia realmente me surpreendeu.

O que me incentivou a escrever esse pequeno texto foi um artigo onde o número de LGBTI  abandonados por suas famílias é realmente alto. Como se isso não bastasse esse abandono também é a maior causa em suicídios adolescentes. Como alguém pode rejeitar seus próprios filhos?

Isso é realmente triste …

Isso realmente me irrita. Espero que as crianças saibam que há esperança e há pessoas que se importam. Pessoas que estão de desejam mantê-los em seus braços, pessoas que abririam suas portas para deixá-los salvos, e que os amariam pelo que são.

Eu quero muito um filho da comunidade LGBTI , ele seria meu maior orgulho, ele teria orgulho de si mesmo e nunca vivaria parte dessa estatística.

O amor é a solução.