E assim que o coração deu aquele tranco e o olho ficou cheio d'água pensou: acho que vou amar ele pra sempre…
—  Lygia Fagundes Telles 
Liam's First Time- Niam

When Liam asked him if he could bottom Niall couldn’t help but smile to himself loving that the other trusted him enough to let him do that. Then he found out it was going to be Liam’s first time bottoming and he was determined to make it special. He told Liam to come over in an hour, so he quickly grabbed his keys and headed to the store. He bought some roses and candles before heading back to his apartment. He left a trail of rose petals from the door the the bedroom and set up the candles around the room to set the mood and make it special. Niall just wanted everything to be perfect for Liam, he wanted his first time to be amazing.