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Yokai OC Art-Thing

Okay, so I’m trying to draw some of the OC’s in Yokai Temple, So If you have an OC that’s in or going to be in the village, and would like some art of said OC shoot a message my way containing:

  • OC Villager name
  • Short description of physical characteristics (height, body type, age, eye color, etc.)
  • Some sort of ref to your character. You can submit their skin or just give me basic info on clothing and such or whatever way you can.

Also, since many people with villagers don’t follow, reblog this or tell people you know that have villagers about this.

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I got bored with painting it so this is as done as it’s gonna get


This is my first tutorial on how I draw the skin. Most of the skin tutorials are all words and were confusing to me. Also this is a LINK to the video I mentioned above. I apologize if this is kind of messy but please feel free to ask me questions about anything here you didn’t understand.