Let’s talk about this asshole.

His name is Jaq’Arz, and his game is utter chaos. He’s got an in with practically every daedric prince, and when he arrived at Castle Volkihar he took Harkon’s offer to become a vampire lord because WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT

He isn’t aligned with the Forsworn, he’s just massively appreciative of their culture while he goes off to slaughter them for bounty and obsessively collects their shit. He’s also sided with the Stormcloaks in the civil war because fuck the empire lol

Occasionally he comes across Pilcrow and Grun-hilda and he harasses them because it’s funny. Pilcrow hates him since they’re a werewolf, not to mention his complete lack of remorse is a major turn off, but Grun isn’t sure what to make of him yet. He IS kinda funny though.

i still don't understand why women shame other women for being open about their sexuality.

why the fuck is it any of your business to speak on what another woman does? why do you feel the need to add input to a woman that enjoys sucking dick, or eating pussy. (excuse my language) … like are you getting paid for adding your two cents to something that has nothing to do with you? or are you just doing it for feedback, likes, retweets, reblogs, blah blah blah. this shit is crazy. if a woman loves pleasing whomever she is pleasing then likes to talk about it, let her. its her mouth, vagina, asshole, etc. your judgement is only a waste of an opinion, because at the end of the day, she’s going to continue fucking whomever, loving herself and whomever and you’re going to sit there and sulk because she’s enjoying it. 

get you some damn business. 

Let's talk about why I like the assholes that could easily overpower me

So, since I was a tiny child, I was a sub p much. I was obsessed with having these strong beings overpowering and forcing weaker beings and essentially having their way with them. This could be seen in the way I played with my stuffed animals. I had a cute lil kitten that was the size of my hand. I also had a husky that’s the size of my arm probably, among other animals. I always had the kitten being tortured and shit by the bigger animals and I may have gotten off on it idk.
But I was also v sub. I didnt really take control unless it was a learning situation. I got off on extreme dom/sub situations
Ohohooo, then I found smut in 5th grade. My first smut was a Maka x Asura fic, and it was a psychological torture kinda fic with lotsa teasing and basically extreme non con. And I got off on it. Non con was honestly the only thing I liked. And that is honestly still true. I don’t condone rape or sexual harassment, but I can’t get off on anything but it. That kinda makes me feel like trash because rape is disgusting. But I can’t change who I’ve been since I can remember.
I’m sorry if this makes you hate me, please try to look past this part of me. It’s a disgusting thing to be, but I just can’t stop.

no quicker way to let everyone know you’re an asshole by talking about how nice you think you are all the time

It’s impossible for me to find good Fanfictions of my otps. I have no idea how my friends do it.
And even if I do find a good fic, it always discontinues.

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right, I thought you were talking about the rapper drake. but thanks for letting me know what this asshole has done. I didn't know that.

oh, yeah, that drake is cool 👍

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