Let's just say, not so good things about being with these 12 jerks

Yeah I admit it, all 12 signs are jerks, we are jerks, a little bit.



  • This is a zodiac sign with the most explosive temper and they often a problem with controlling their anger.
  • They often behave very immature and naïve.
  • They are always excited when it comes to starting new things, but they easily lose interest.
  • Their impatience is very tense, they always want everything at that very moment.
  • They are pretty much egotistical and they have a hard time understanding others’ perspective.


  • Terribly stubborn, in arguments you should not expect to win, even if they are aware of the fact of not being right.They will not drop their point of view or opinion.
  • Good luck expecting them to be the partners that will sometimes help you out with the mess around your common home.
  • Their wishes and needs always have a priority.
  • They are often very slow in all processes they involve themselves into.
  • They open up hardly when it comes to emotions.


  • Most often they are insecure and you really can’t rely yourselves on them.
  • Every day you should analyze their will, in order to adapt to their different behavior.
  • They like to charm you with sweet words, but they often don’t complete their promises.
  • Everything gets so bored to them, even sometimes their new partner.That is why you could get the feeling as if you are too much for them.
  • Life with them means a lot of half-finished projects and abandoned ideas.


  • Their mood swings are very exhausting.
  • They can often hurt you with harsh words, and later on they will not take the blame.
  • They might rush you for a “serious relationship”, marriage or family, but they are not completely sure for that either.
  • They will show signs of dependence, and to some it may feel as if they are being imprisoned.
  • Life with them can be pretty monotone and predictable, usually they are hard to get used to new activities.


  • It’s hard feeling sure in them, because they have a flirtatious nature, or they present themselves that way everywhere they go.
  • Sometimes you might have the feeling that they don’t love you as much as you love them and temporarily they might create a feeling of you being willful over the relationship.
  • They rarely admit to not being right, even if they do it, they don’t believe it themselves.
  • They can be pretty untactful and arrogant.
  • Because they have to be the center of attention, you might be feeling as if you are living under their shadow.


  • They are kings/queens of analyzing and judging others’ behavior.
  • Life with them means that you will always have to be the initiator to everything.
  • They like to be grumpy, so after an argument expect a behavior that equals a five year old.
  • Because they are often insecure, they expect everything from you so they wouldn’t feel that way, even if you have nothing to do with it.
  • You’d have to live according to their rules.On the contrary you will hear critics every day.


  • You will rarely know their real opinion of something, because they will say what you want to hear.
  • With different games, for example those for punishing or rewarding your partner, they will try to manipulate their partner into anything.
  • They can easily turn against you if you hurt them.
  • Often they are sad and obsessed with their appearance, but they will expect you to look as great.
  • They often complain, and it can be very torturing to listen to.


  • Their jealousy is legendary and you can expect furious looks with every conversation you will have with someone of the opposite sex, for which they will see them as super attractive.
  • Beside them it can be hard for you to find out about your own feelings, because they can manipulate your emotions.
  • They can enter a condition where they can fully ignore you and leave you just by disappearing off of your life.
  • They often have secrets, and little “innocent, naïve” lies are not unknown to them.
  • With them even little arguments can turn into huge fights.


  • They love to talk, but hardly ever listen to you.
  • They expect to always be amused by their partner, and if that does not happen, they will not be pleased at all.
  • Good luck trying teach your Sag something, because they already know everything.
  • They adore dominating in relationships.
  • They can be pretty discrete and insensitive, and if they want to – they are masters of hurting other’s feelings.


  • Work, their accomplishments, their success will always be their first place and they expect that to be respected.
  • They are one of the most known “control freaks” of the zodiac.
  • They are often missing out on spontaneity because they are not able to relax, so because of this your relations can become kind of repeating.
  • They will analyze and remember every mistake that you ever did and be sure that they don’t forget anything.
  • You can’t influence their attitude towards something, their already formed opinion, the only thing you can do is adapt to it.


  • They often live in their dreams, so because of that they give the impression of being very distant from everything, even their partner.
  • The relationship with them can turn into eternal teachings – because they always know what’s best.
  • Almost always they will attract and invite their best friends into your private life and being beside them, it can make you feel as if you are not good enough.
  • Even though they are proud of being liberal, actually according to their principles they are judging others.
  • You can always find out what they are thinking, but not what they are feeling.


  • Their thoughtfulness is a problem, consider it, repeating yourself just a couple of times, because they are wandering with their thoughts and do not pay much attention.
  • And while it is hard to encourage them to actually do something, it’s even harder to make them do it in a structured period of time.
  • They idealize your relationship and will have high expectations.
  • Pisces constantly think of what they want out of life, so you will probably question where is your position in all of that.
  • They will sacrifice their own needs and feelings for others, so you might get the impression of them being weak and that you’d have to take care of them.

N :
- “A girl who is more charming the more I look at her and has strong beliefs”
- “An innocent and well-mannered girl. But it would be better if she had other qualities in addition to these.”
- “A nice lady! And a wise lady! Like Seohyun from SNSD.”
- “I like innocent and pure girls

- “A person I like from the first meeting. Someone I’m attracted to the first time I see them. It’s about feelings, not looks.”
- “Someone that I can connect with by first feeling
- “Someone feminine. I don’t have a fixed type, but should I say that the first impression is important?”
- “A smart and wise girl. Then, the first impression, since the first meeting is important”
- “Someone who he falls in love with at first sight, but not based on looks, but on feeling”

- “Her appearance doesn’t matter, but a cute and charming girl. A girl with confidence. The closest person to this is my mom.”
- “Aegyo and eye smile, a cutie that can manage herself.”
- “Someone with aegyo and thinks considerately”
- “he is open to anyone”

- “Tall, long and straight hair, a good personality, has good sense. I like a woman who gives it her all in her job.”
- “A girl smiling brightly while her long hair flies”
- “I like a girl who I can connect with, can read situations quickly, and can communicate with even without words”
- “Secret’s Hyoseong who has a beautiful smile

- “A pretty and self-concious woman.”
- “A lovely girl that likes a sweet guy.”
- “Someone pretty with a sense of awareness, and I like a girl who has proper thoughts”
- “ Innocent - sexy - cute woman”

- “A girl who doesn’t know a lot of guys, someone who has a very evident values and a cute personality. A girl like Mi Ho from “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”? Shin Min Ah Sunbaenim?”
- ” A girl who has a distinct personality and values”
- “Someone with no men around her and has a feminine atmosphere and pretty eyes
- “Sistar’s Damson-noona”

Source : Junior magazine , CeCi magazine , K-Rush magazine, Vogue magazine
Trans.cr : fyeah-vixx