Car Made Completely Of LEGO Bricks

However great you think your past LEGO creations were, none of them pale in comparison to this LEGO car. The car pictured above is made from over half a million LEGO bricks, and runs completely on compressed air, meaning no gas necessary! The only downfall of this crazy LEGO creation is that if you crashed it, the labour bills to fix it would be through the freakin roof!


“Drop it! Drop it now! Sections thirty four to thirty fuck if I know of the Criminal Code of Canada says I can shoot you where you stand, so drop the knife and drop to the floor and get your hands behind your Ozzy hair before I put them there for you!”

“What the fuck?? But you were–”

“Yeah, I was tied up in the shittiest sliding knot seen this side of the border, right next to the trunk Fraser keeps all his dad’s old junk in including, oh yes, this here revolver which is in perfect fucking working condition, so get down before I put you down.”

“Okay, okay, shit! What the hell! Cuffs, man??”

“Yeah, cuffs, of course cuffs. You come in to a cop’s house, and you think there won’t be cuffs? I dunno what Fraser was so afraid of, I dealt with harder punks than you on traffic stops when I was twenty.”