"Darling, if you don’t already know who this is, you had to have been living under a rock. The Duchess Cassandra Goth of Pleasant View is the most influential woman in Simalot. Part of that comes with the Goth name, of course, but the woman is an intellectual marvel. While she has no discernible magical talent, she is hardly detached from the magical world: she’s founded schools for the study of alchemical sciences at Simalot University, the Universidad del Fiesta, and even the Academie Le Tour. Now, I’m not well-versed in botany by any means, but I’ve heard tell that her cultivation of the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii is the envy of all of the alchemical spheres. She’s also engaged to the Count and the entire court is taking bets on whether or not he’ll actually follow through."

- Lady Jennifer Burb of Belladonna

This picture was not on the interweb a month ago. It’s Javert (Andrew Varela) looking for Valjean’s body in the carts of the dead after The Final Battle, and instead finding Gavroche and Enjolras (Jason Forbach) dead instead. It’s during that really sad part of the music at the end of the Final Battle that sounds like a really slow reprise of Bring Him Home,  and it’s super feelsy and sad. Javert is looking for Valjean, hoping that he died during the battle so he doesn’t have to deal with letting him go, and instead he finds the bodies of the student leader and young boy, two who should never have died this young. Javert knows that he is on the side of the men who killed Gavroche and Enjolras, and it pains him. He stares at the bodies for a moment, before angrily waving the cart away and continuing into the darkness. The pose Enjolras is in is the iconic “Enjolras-is-dead” pose that appears in every version of this musical in some way shape or form. When the cart is turned and you actually see Enjolras, the music builds dramatically (“the summers die one by one”) and it literally makes you want to cry. Thank you that is all.