Rovina Cai

"Here’s my piece for the Temple of Art, a collaboration with photographer Allan Amato. He took portraits of a bunch of artists, and then we “remixed” them by drawing/painting/collaging on top. 

There’s a book being released, and a gallery opening at La Luz De Jesus Gallery on December 5th. The list of participating artists is kind of mindblowingly incredible, so take a look at the page to see what it’s all about, and drop by the opening if you are in LA!

I also have to give a shout out to Marc Scheff for inviting me to be a part of this, and rounding up slackers like me who got their work in at the last possible moment”

Frontispiece detail from Le Tableau des Riches Inventions Couvertes du voile des feintes Amoureuses, qui sont representees dans le Songe de Poliphile Desvoilees des ombres du Songe & subtilement exposees Par Béroalde. A Paris. Chez Matthieu Guillemot, au Palais, en la gallerie des Prisonniers. Avec Privilege du Roy. 1600».
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Twisted Disney in Disasterland by Rodolfo Loaiza

Even pretty Princesses are powerless to the corrupting allure of fame and stardom, eventually slipping into depravity and excess. Rodolfo’s Disney demakes give power back to the lesser characters and snatches it away from those who held too tightly to it. But really, rich or poor, who among us hasnt secretly dreamed of their very own meat dress?

Part of Rodolfo’s upcoming exhibit at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA, showing from August 3rd through September 2nd, 2012. For inquiries into purchasing one of these original pieces, give them a shout at laluzdejesus.