Allkpop called 2014 a “break year” for Teen Top, but we all know that isn’t true. Look at some of the incredible things Teen Top has accomplished in 2014. Everything they have done has been for their fans, for their Angels. 2014 was not at all a break year for Teen Top; 2014 was Teen Top’s year to shine.


혹시 못 알아보실까봐 소개합니다. 이분들은 틴탑 #엘조 와 #니엘 입니다. 저장해두셨다가 우울할 때 한번씩 보시기를 권해드립니다 - 주간아이돌

In case you can’t tell who they are, we’ll introduce them. They are Teen Top’s #L.Joe and #Niel. We recommend you save these photos and look at them when you’re feeling depressed - Weekly Idol

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source; @bestIdolone twitter