Super Junior K.R.Y bring back their heavenly voices with audio teaser for Japanese single ‘Join Hands’. 

 Those heavenly voices representing the vocal line of Super Junior, Super Junior K.R.Y, are getting ready to melt your hearts with upcoming Japanese single 'Join Hands’! The single isn’t set for release until August 5th, but to make the wait a little easier, or perhaps harder, we’ve been treated to an audio teaser! As expected, the beautiful voices of the three members don’t disappoint and neither does the song by the sound of it so far! Listen to the snippet below as you await the release coming down the road!

Source: AllKPop

150602 - phonograph - Yokohama Day 1
  • Kyuhyun’s parents attended the concert [cr]  
  • Kyuhyun introduced himself as I’m ‘you guys’ Kyuhyun xD’ [cr]
  • Kyu intro in ment: “irasaimaseee” meaning “Welcome” like when you enter a japanese restaurant lol  baby Kyu so cute! [cr
  • Kyuhyun: Today is KRY’s concert, it’ll all be ballads. Please don’t fall asleep, for our sake [cr]
  • During Kyu’s talk, he mentioned the time he asked for Japanese song recs on twitter and said he got many responses [cr
  • Kyuhyun’s solo song is Sakura by Shota Shimizu!!! [cr]
    Kyuhyun wears white shirt white pants with blue cardigan [cr]
    Kyuhyun’s 2nd solo song is At Gwanghwamun Korean version [cr
  • 2nd Ment: Kyu said “kombawa” and again “irassaimaseee” lol #KRY #YOKOHAMA he wears grey metalic cardigan white tee & pants [cr]
  • 3rd Ment: Kyuhyun suddenly scream Kim Ryeowook!“ cos Wook hasnt come out yet for a long time after changing costume [cr]
  • Ryeo came out and Kyu scold him why taking so long and Ryeo said 'sumimasen’ (sorry) so cute and hugged Kyu [cr]
  • Wook helped Kyu fix the hair at the back of his head, and Kyu fixed RW’s sideburns. Then YS went towards Kyu & pressed his philtrum [cr
  • Wook went to fix kyu’s hair. Then he went to fix Yesung’s hair but got rejected.  Kyuhyun fixed wook’s hair and shake hands with Yesung [cr]
  • KRY singing acoustic, First acoustic song Himawari no Yakusoku by Motohiro Hata Stand by Me Doraemon OST [cr], 2nd acoustic song 366 Days by HY [cr
  • Kyuhyun exercising during Loving You! omg he bent down his body several times lmao #KRY why so cute [cr]
  • YS was supposed to intro song in Jap. Aishiteru but got it mixed up wz Arigatou. KH had to keep asking "Is the nxt song Arigato Song??? [cr
  • They are singing Point of No Return!!!! The new song in Join Hands upcoming single [cr
  • They sang Promise and SKY [cr
  • Showing shooting clip for their VCR video. Kyu keeps yawning in the VCR making videos lol [cr
  • Kyuhyun is really the one in charge of reminding the two others where their positions are xD [cr
  • Encore 1st song. From You. [cr
  • Kyuhyun wears official shirt but the print is added with blinking things soo pretty [cr
  • Another ment. Lol screaming battle of who can sing higher [cr
  • They are singing Join Hands now omg!!!! The song is really nice!!!! [cr
  • They are asking fans to raise hands and 'join hands’ (hold hands) with others xD [cr
  • Kyuhyun wants to hold Ryeowook hand but Yesung keep blocking it and then Yesung hold Wook hand for himself [cr
  • Kyuhyun said his parents are here and we all looked at them. Kyuhyun’s mom even made heart at Kyu [cr
  • Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are so cute tonight, Kyu hide behind Wook then Wook turn back to face Kyu [cr
  • when Yesung is talking KyuWook holding hands facing each other [cr
  • Kyuhyun just jump on the stage with his "eeejanaika eejanaika” [cr
  • Kyuhyun gives fans a heart sign for us at the end of his last ment with shy smile [cr
  • Last song The One I Love [cr
  • KRY concert + encore is approx. 2.5hours~ [cr

150602 K.R.Y. “The One I Love"~Ending (Kyuhyun focus)