Finland’s own FANU on the radio last week with this massive 2 hour mix! Lots of our favorite sounds in here. 


ƒσℓℓσω ƒωנ ƒσя мσяє мυѕι¢!
ƒωנ ση ƒα¢євσσк
ƒωנ ση ѕσυη∂¢ℓσυ∂ 
‡ƒ⊗⊗✞ωσяк ~ נ∇ηgℓє 

Fanu – Yin Dub (Lightless)
Desto – D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S. (dub)
DJ Krush – Transition
Sven – Old Havana (Lowrise)
The 2 Bears ft. Stylo G – Money Man [Fracture remix] (free download)
Qbass – Deepa [Somejerk remix] (free download)
Tim Reaper – Say Goodbye (dub)
Fishstix – Funkin’ (Digital 6)
Fishstix – Feelings (Digital 6)
Hidden Element - Bodola (Med School)
Danny Breaks – Drum Session (Droppin Science)
Z-Connection - Horizon [Diffrent Dub]
Cern – Conway (Dispatch dub)
Anonymous – BLND#8 (Blind Music)
Homesick – VIP Sleep (Lovin U) (Footwork Jungle)
Moresounds – Chair De Poule (Moresounds Bandcamp)
Sully – Charms (Hsuan Records dub)
Tek Unlimited – Destruction (Inperspective)
Danny Breaks – Do It (Droppin Science)
BunZero – Acid Hop (dub)
BunZero – Drop That Shit (dub)
Coleco – Tryptamine (Inflect dub)
Coleco – You Got Amens (dub)
Dom & Roland – Raptor (Dom & Roland Productions)
Dom & Roland – Enforced (Dom & Roland Productions)
DLR & Mako – Seek Knowledge feat Rider Shafique (Metalheadz)
Profane – Nazareth Crime (Inperspective)
Soza – Understand The Process [Army Of Ghosts Amen VIP] (Sonar’s Ghost Bandcamp)
Om Unit – Wicker and Pearl (Civil Music)
Photek – Shape Charge
Ruby – Get On It [EAN refix] (free download)
Groove Armada – Sweat [EAN remix] (free download)
6BLOCC – Music Vibes Drums [Nonfuture Remix] (dub)
Anonymous – BLND#9 (Blind Music)
Fanu – Paracosm (Lightless)
Def Dee – Place Your Bet [Instrumental] (Redefinition Records)
Warren Of Snares – Conscious (Warren Of Snares Bandcamp)
Def Dee – Yeah feat. El Da Sensei (Redefinition Records)
Supa Dave West – Who Is it… [Dave West Outro] (Redefinition Records)
Warren Of Snares – Damocles (Warren Of Snares Bandcamp)
Danny Breaks – Astral Vibes [Zoostrumental] (Alphabet Zoo)

K-RUSH releases JRen- no, MinRen’s preview!

Turns out that K-RUSH editor has decided to release a MinRen preview instead, as revealed by their latest tweet! 

Original tweet: 

【4月25日(金)発売K-RUSH VOL.10】先出し未公開ショットNU’EST本日は……JRen!!といきたいところですがJRenさんは明日発売の誌面までとっておきまして(笑)、本日は花も霞む華美男ミンヒョン&レンさんペア

L.O.ㅅ.Es who ship JRen would have to wait for one more day, as the magazine would be released tomorrow. Instead, let’s enjoy this special preview featuring the flower boys of NU’EST, Busan-line Minhyun and Ren!

While it’s no JRen, we certainly wouldn’t mind some MinRen, right?

Source: K-RUSH official @KRUSH110723