Beach Cottage by angrykittykj

Anna beamed at him. “I promise you won’t even know I’m here. I’ll spend most of my time out on the porch with my easel.” He gave a long suffering sigh but nodded. “All right, whatever,” he agreed.

“I’m Anna, by the way,” she said and shot out her hand, “what’s your name?”

“Kristoff,” he muttered and then walked out of the room. He didn’t even shake her hand.

Fine, she thought as she stalked out to her car to grab her painting supplies, she didn’t need him as a friend or anything. They were just planning to stay out of each others way, so she didn’t need a handshake or a smile or anything to let her know that he didn’t resent her for ruining his vacation even though she hadn’t intended that at all! It suited her just fine. Fine.

Some love for Princess Anna:

-It is canon that she knits. So she knits. So. Much. Stuff. Fuzzy hats and mittens for Kristoff, lumpy scarves for Elsa, cute little nose-warmers for Olaf, and even little ornaments to hang off Sven’s antlers. They all wear her stuff religiously, even when it’s not cold enough for it.

-She gets cold-foot syndrome, and wears socks to bed all the time in the winter.

-She also latches onto whomever she’s in bed with like a baby sloth, and refuses to let go until she’s awake.

-Speaking of sloths, they’ve been her favorite animals (for obvious reasons), ever since she was seven and read a book on South American wildlife.

-After she has kids, she cuts her hair shorter so the babies won’t grab it and suck on it all the time. Inevitably she starts sometimes wearing her hair in little pigtails like she had when she was five (Elsa nearly cried when she first saw that).

-She can play five instruments, speak three languages, and has extensive knowledge of pretty much any random subject on Earth. Courtesy of being alone and bored for thirteen years.

-She can also stuff a whole sausage in her mouth (wink wink nudge nudge).

-She’s read the whole library, but has a weird fondness for sappy romance novels. She makes Kristoff and Elsa read them to her when she’s sick. They grouse about it and try to insist that it’s the other’s turn, but they both secretly enjoy it.

-Kristoff and Elsa both have a tendency to get nightmares, and she’s always the one to comfort them. They both try to be her protector all the time, but it’s actually her that’s the protector.

-She tries to take mountaineering lessons from Kristoff (”I’ve climbed every tree in the whole courtyard like ten times; trust me I’m an ace climber!”). He’s completely shocked when she gets just as good as him.

-Ice harvesting lessons didn’t go as well though. Neither did trying to attend council meetings with Elsa.

-Four words: dances like Taylor Swift. This does not change her whole life.


Will this do?

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Henrik, Giđđa and Kristoff
So a while ago I couldn’t get the image of Kristoff’s birth parents out of my head. So here the are. What I imagined them to be like anyway. I think it’s safe to say I was heavily influenced by Saami traditional clothing. In the 1800′s they were not (or didn’t look) as colourful and not all were so detailed, so I took reference from more recent traditional outfits. I also took creative license for a few things so that it would fit more in the Frozen movie!verse ;)

I imagined they died of unknown causes so he was separated from them at a very young age, probably around 5 and that he would still sort of vaguely remember them.

Kristoff basically inherited his build and his face from his old man, only Henrik is bigger.  And from his mother, aside from her blond hair, more subtle things like how she smiles and her higher brow ridge and softer cheekbones.



I figured since this would be her first valentine celebrated with a significant other, she wouldn’t know what to give him, so she sticks to what she knows. She makes him a batch of her favourite chocolate truffles.

Kristoff on the other hand, never celebrated it, so he’s at a loss. Eventually he decides to get creative… and messy. And of course with a few pretty flowers thrown in that he thinks she’d like.

Must’ve been in a hurry to give their gifts, I mean, neither of them washed their hands. ;)