Krist Novoselic

"On line for the express elevator for the Space Needle, a teenager approached, lugging a large video camera. "Uh, um, is it O.K. if I take your picture?" he asked Mr. Cobain. The guitarist scowled; his blue eyes narrowed. "I’ll kill you," he said; the teenager cowered. The Mr. Cobain’s face relaxed into a broad smile. "Sure, go ahead," he said."

(The New York Times, Date of Issue: November 1993, ‘Nirvana, The Band That Hates to Be Loved’)

savingallofmysentences asked:

Did Kurt (or any other members of Nirvana) ever use the Internet in the early 90's? I remember reading somewhere that Kurt used to have an AOL account but I may be getting it mixed up with someone else.

I have no documents/photos from this but apparently Kurt and Krist used the internet in 1994. The time you’re speaking of is from an AOL chat room with Kurt talking about taking a break from touring, the “Pennyroyal Tea” remix and a few other things from new songs and a new album for 1995. Who knows. I believe it was something setup from management since labels and these businesses try jumping into whatever is becoming cool and hip. Kurt probably told them what to type out and they were all for it. Krist sends emails. A lot of people don’t know this but bands and musicians were strongly encouraged to try out the internet in the 90s because they were told that it was the ‘next big thing’ happening in the world.