BTS as Doctors

JIN: oh are you here because of your ugliness? Oh I can’t fix that now please leave its contagious.

RAP MONSTER: *touches your arm* *accidentally breaks every bone in your body* wait no. NO DONT SUE ME I CAN FIX IT. MAYBE.

JIMIN: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. *everyone starts eating apples everyday*

SUGA: um yeah idk what these liquids do but I’m just gonna stick it all in you okay scream if it starts burning

JHOPE: no no no don’t worry about it you’re never going to die BeCaUsE iM yOuR hOpE

V: you have a severe disease of imnotactuallyadoctorsoihavenoideawhatimdoing so uh yeah just take these pills and you’ll be fine.

JUNGKOOK: *punches your arm* oh you look hurt let me examine it. Oh btw that will be 500000000 dollars thank you come again

Back with another giveaway. (you can check out my other two here x . x)
The rules will be under the break, please, follow it.

Epik High - Shoebox.
Vixx - ERROR
BEAST - Time
Boyfriend - Witch
Teen Top - Exito
BTS - Dark and Wild
f(x) -Red Light
Topp Dogg - Anniversary

✗$50.00 ( €40.00) Credit to YESASIA, MWave, KPOP town, etc.

I will choose 3 winners using All three will get all prizes shown above. Please follow the rules under the break, good luck!

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"The reason why I made BTS was because of Rapmon. There was no specific event. As soon as I heard his rapping, I thought;

          "Oh? I need to let him debut" and we signed a contract as soon as we met.

      In the end, I made this group because of R a p  M o n s t e r.” — Bang PD