The Prince and the Bug

Uhhh SO KOYASHIGE FIC that I wrote inspired by a conversation with
​ (THANK YOU NICA~) and you might need to kick me out of the fandom after this… who knows

Pairing: Koyashige
Genre: romance(?), comedy
Rating: G
Word count: 1069 heheh

 Prince Shige ran through the halls of the castle, shouting out his princess’s name frantically, “KOYAMA! Koyama, where are you? WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?” Koyama had been missing since the previous day and no one in the castle could tell Shige where he had disappeared to. No one saw him leave.

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Morning Musume leader vs NEWS leader

Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.01.08 - Ariyoshi just wants the four-member NEWS to love themselves!!


Leaders’ Reunion - Arashi, V6, TOKIO & NEWS [Part 2 of 2] - Priceless moment: They singing their own version of Arashi’s “Hero”: “You’re Leader!" ♫

Arashi ni Shiyagare New Year’s SP 2015.01.01


“There are times when I’m feeling down.  At those times, I don’t know why, there’s always a call from Shige.  He said, "Koyama, you seem like you’re feeling down.  Why don’t you come over to my place now?”  Then I came, he listened to what I was saying.  I kept on talking while crying.  When I cried and saw Shige’s face, he was like…"