one of the things i’ve noticed ppl criticize korrasami for is the fact that their relationship is “strictly platonic” and i have to admit…i really don’t understand that argument at all

idk if it’s different with opposite sex couples, but in my experience as a gay woman all of my romantic relationships have grown from strong friendship, and the idea that in order for a dynamic to be romantic it has to be clear at the very start is incredibly…jarring. in the case of lok, most canon romantic relationships (makorra, masami, boleska) have been declared as romantic pretty much from the start. yet, all of those relationships ultimately failed.

korrasami, on the other hand, has developed slowly through the three seasons, to the point where asami is arguably closer to korra than any other character (excluding her family & tenzin). i think this is where the kataang comparisons come from - both of those relationships took a while to develop, as opposed to instant attraction & romance. when people make that comparison, they’re not implying that korrasami is canon, or will be canon, rather, they’re making the very valid point that the growth in the relationship of both those couples runs parallel in some ways

at the moment, asami seems to be the most healthy person for korra to be around. yes, it’s still platonic, but that doesn’t automatically mean it always has to be. 


I don’t care if you ship it or what. Korra and Asami have developed one of the most beautiful relationships in all of the LoK series. The way they smile at each other. The way they first really got to interact was completely awkward. They could have just hated each other because of the whole Mako thing. Instead, in the third book, they became close. Korra confides in Asami and Asami is there to support and comfort Korra. I think that’s the reason it’s become an even more popular ship. Because we see this love between them and even if it is platonic it is REAL love and emotion. They aren’t faking so that things aren’t awkward. They’re just there for one another and connect.

And it’s beautiful.


i really disagree a lot with this one rebuttal post that was written in response to someone complaining that people insist that korrasami is ‘just platonic’ because only het ships get representation. the person rebutting said something along the lines of ’no it has nothing to do with them being non-het, it’s just that they are written as purely platonic on the show, and that’s a fact!’

well. here’s another example of a very popular ship that’s written as just platonic in the show: zutara. which i don’t even like, but that isn’t the point here. the point here is that yes, zutara is technically written as being just platonic (there was never anything overtly romantic about them in the show, the same way there isn’t with korrasami), but plenty of people choose to interpret the way they were written on the show as having romantic undertones. and that’s fine. i don’t see people calling out zutara shippers because ‘ugh shut up it’s just friendship on the show!’ the same way.

i don’t even feel particularly passionate about korrasami, though i do like it, but i do think the fandom treats them differently from how they treat, say, zutara, because they’re not heterosexual, because we’re not used to seeing romantic chemistry portrayed on screen that isn’t between a man and a woman. if it’s a man and woman, even if they’re just written canonically as friends, it’s perfectly fine for people to dissect and analyze and read romantic implications into their actions. but when it’s a woman and a woman, people will start yelling and sighing about ‘no it’s just platonic, you’re reading too much into it, they’re just FRIENDS.’ (i mean, i personally was getting some romantic vibes from the scene toward the end of book 3 when asami puts her hand on korra’s and says ‘if you want to talk…or anything’, and how asami keeps touching korra, or at least i’m not getting any less romantic vibes than i do from zutara, which is also written platonically in the show, and personally i’m probably getting more.) obviously people say that about zutara too (me being one of them), but it’s not a big outcry and treated as indisputable fact the same way it is with korrasami.

i think it’s hard to deny that those two ships are treated differently because of the genders of the people involved. let’s imagine for a moment that either korra or asami was a guy. then i’m almost certain that people would not be complaining about ‘wow, you’re reading way too much into it, they’re CLEARLY just platonic’ the same way.

Korrasami week 2014 - Day five; Home

   The fifth prompt(/entry) for Korrasami week 2014! A very happy, fluffy and a it sassy :’) Because, sometimes both of them just are. I really enjoyed writing this one and I strongly  recommend you the playlist I used while writing! :V

   I hasn’t been beta’d yet, but I want to thank crackpairingprincess in advance, she’s amazing and I’m happy to have her as my beta-reader! ;D

   Here’s the link to the writing on & here’s the link to the writing on ao3. And here’s the link to the playlist I used while writing. Also, here’s a link to my realtimeboard for the reference I used; so you can get a (better) idea of— well, you’ll see (after or during reading!)

   Rating; K+
   Words; 2,121

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People who are refuting the possibility of Korrasami being canon based on the fact that Korra and Asami dated Mako or in otherwords, had an attraction towards a male 

have forgotten that there’s this thing

called bisexuality 


I mean, I’m not that hardcore for Korrasami to become canon(and I’m saying that as a Korrasami shipper JUST FOR YOU TO KNOW) but, there’s a possibility that Korra and Asami might not be heterosexual. Just because they both dated Mako doesn’t mean that it’s a valid confirmation that they are straight. It just means that them both being heterosexual is just a possibility.

There are so many countless possibilities of Asami and Korra’s sexual identities. Asami could be bi-romantic and asexual while Korra is bisexual and homo-romantic. Asami could be asexual and heteroromantic while Korra could be demisexual and pan-romantic.

Sexuality comes in such a wide spectrum. There are countless possibilities of sexual identities for Asami and Korra.


The sexual identities depends on your point of view. If you view Asami and Korra as both straight, it’s fine If you see them bisexual, it’s fine. If you see Asami as asexual and Korra as pansexual, it’s fine. 

Korrasami week 2014 Day 4: Change

“Do you have to?” Korra pleaded to Asami.

Trust me. You’ll feel a lot better and I’m sure you’d look great with it.” Asami replied with a grin on her face, she couldn’t hold back her excitement.

“Why are you taking such pleasure in it? Do you like that better?” Korra again trying to weasel herself out of the situation, but Asami wouldn’t have it.

“No, not necessarily, but I think it’s time for the world to see a more mature and powerful Avatar.”

“I don’t think me getting hair cut will make me more powerful.”

“Not only that, but a new wardrobe will help too.” Asami grinned at the thought of getting Korra new outfits.

“There’s nothing wrong with—“

“Alright fine.” Asami knew that fight would never ended. “But how about just for this trip? I don’t expect us to do any fighting when we’re away. Please?”

Korra didn’t want to upset Asami, nor did she want to keep this going. Defeated, she sighed. “Ok. Fine. But just for this trip.”

“You won’t regret it! Now…,” Asami stood up, “Let’s get your hair done.”


”I do know how to cut hair.” Asami responded confidently.  She grabbed Korra’s hand and leaded her to the bathroom and sat her down on a chair that was facing the sink.

“You prepared for this?” Korra looked back at her in shock and slight horror.

“I always like to be ready for everything. Now, are you ready?”


“Too late.” Asami teased, and without delay she began her work.

Korra sat there taking it all with her eyes closed, she figured it would be a good time to meditate as well.

Some time has passed before Korra said anything, she was enjoying the massaging of her hair, the sound of the scissors and clippers. It was all very relaxing and soothing. “So what makes you so confident I’d look better with shorter hair?” She finally asked.

“I experimented a couple years ago. I thought I looked better with shorter hair for a while, but one time I let it grow out and I’ve kept it long ever since.”

Korra opened her eyes and her eyes widened, the sheer amount of hair gone was enough to get be shocked. She hasn’t had this short amount of hair since she was a child.

“What do you think?” Asami asked with a cheerful grin.

“It different, but I do like it.” Korra returned the smile.

Asami gave her a hug from behind, “This is a good change for you. And…,” her smile turned into a slight mischievous one, “You do look more…powerful.” She added with tracing her finger along Korra’s head to chest and a raised eyebrow.


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