Anonymous asked: “the first time korra’s parents met” This request was goodMy #1 pairing is SennaxTonraq and the best part is that they are CANON! Woot!  The scene depicts the first time Tonraq laid eyes on Senna. However, Senna always had a crush on him when they were kids but could not play out much because she was a sickly child. As a result, Tonraq didn’t even know she existed.  Poor Senna!  But it all changed when Tonraq turned 14. The day of his right of passage, Senna came up to him and gave him a medallion for good luck. By the end of the day, Tonraq was given the Mark of the Brave. Two years later, he would ask Senna to marry him.  I always imagined Tonraq to be feared because he looks so big and intimidating (even at a young age) but is really sweet and gentle. Only Senna saw him for he truly was.  This is my headcanon and I’m sticking to it!

Filmeditor16 with Grey Delisle at Emerald City Comic Con!  Grey was funny and and very nice and really pretty (prettier than her photos!).  She did Azula and Vicki from Fairly Odd Parents for us, and signed five things for us and took a picture and gave us all hugs!  She has a fan for life in us!  She gave us scoop on season 2 of TLOK.  She said that she is doing three characters, and that one is the younger version of an established character who had a traumatic event happen to her, and we’re thinking LIN!

EDIT: I am giving away one of Grey’s autographed pics!  Visit my blog at http://sea-dilemma.tumblr.com/ to get details!

Something I just realized...

Now that the Legend of Korra and the Avatar series are officially over

The “Best” show and practically only good cartoon left that Nickelodeon has to offer is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Usually Nick had a minimum of 3 good shows running at a time but now the pizza loving Mutants have to hold it on their own since Spongebob fell off the wagon years ago, Fairly Oddparents is losing it and their others are just ecccchhh. What a title to hold. Good luck to em.