“(Man) I feel like I’m treated unfairly, what am I doing…I’m just joking, but she’s bad.”
“(Man) You know Busker Busker, right? They have a song, Love is timing. My timing was a bit out of sync. I found later that she has a boyfriend. At first I felt frustrated, but nonetheless I’m okay, because I like spending time with her like right now.”

“(남자) 억울한 게 하나 있는데, 제가 왜 이러고 있는지…농담이지만 얜 나쁜 애에요.”
“버스커버스커 곡 아시죠? 사랑은 타이밍이라고. 제 타이밍이 좀 어긋났어요. 어느새 남친이 생겼더라구요. 처음엔 자책감이 들었지만 그래도 괜찮아요. 전 얘랑 이렇게 시간 보내는 지금이 좋으니까요.”