Teyana’s boyfriend posted a beautifully written heartfelt message on his instagram the caption reads: ” Words can’t explain how much I love this woman. She continues to help me grow yet keep me grounded. She matches my fly and holds me down. It leaves me to ask her time to time “what’s it like to be perfect?”. How perfect is the phrase “I love you”? I refuse to believe I can say it too much. Lord took his time in making her. I thank him and the two that made her. Enjoy your birthday 🐞! Your 💂 demands that you do. Just don’t have too much fun in miami without me! Lbvfs. #thismaybemylongestcaptionever #whattheHellimgonedowhensheturn25 #iGproblems #happybirthday”

How beautiful. You are truly Loved Teyana, by all… especially your “man guy!” 💑