Nah, Ryan wanted it to be his show, the Lea/Rachel show. But then Klaine happened and Chris and Darren became so much bigger than any other actor/character on this show and he just can’t accept that. While Chris gets praise for his writing, Darren for his singing, both for their acting and chemistry and playing Klaine so beautifully and special, Ryan gets shit and he can’t deal with that like an adult.


So it is said that our haters, the common petty ones are voting against us and voting for Prince Charming and Snow White, Did that let us down when the glee fandom was against us? no, that shouldn’t stop is now, here’s some motivation:

They are slowly catching up let’s do this

FYI CHRIS DOESN’T EVEN WATCH OUAT, kurt matters is a bitch ass liar remember that

Vote for klaine here

L. ,don’t let these  O. petty pathetic S. people, get E. you down, R.

if you read in between those lines, those are our haters.


Kurt/Blaine [Glee] - Best Night of Our Lives [6x08]

by Supsi85

Its been a good couple of weeks for gay TV couples.
First canon bisexual lead character, Clarke Griffin, on the 100.
Youngest gay couple on television history ever, The Fosters.
Klaine and Brittana both got married.
Another gay couple has been added to The Walking Dead fandom.
And probably much more I don’t know about. But this, this is amazing.


Based on this post. Klaine alternate meeting!AU. ~ 1300 words

Okay, this was definitely in the top ten for the strangest activities Mr. Schuester had them do for a Glee club assignment. The entire bus ride he declined to share where they were headed and promptly ignored Rachel’s pleas of “wasting valuable rehearsal time on some lousy field trip.”

"I think you’re really going to like this, guys. It should be really interesting," Mr. Schuester said, a huge grin on his face. Mr. Schuester thought every assignment was interesting, but nevertheless, it would be a nice change instead of running the same sixteen bars over and over for the entire practice.

At least Kurt had his phone to keep him company if he got really bored. It buzzed in his hand and he looked down to see an incoming text:

From Mercedes:

I hope this field trip is a good one

Kurt turned around in his seat to see her smiling at him as Rachel rested her head on his shoulder, admitting defeat with her argument with Mr. Schuester for now. Kurt shrugged and nodded to Mercedes in agreement, texting her back awkwardly with one hand as Rachel snuggled his other arm.

Maybe it won’t be so bad

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shellaismyusername asked:

Do you have rec!fic of famous!Klaine ?

****An Accidental Chance by SlayerKitty (Rated R -Complete)  Blaine is a famous TV star and accidentally tweets his phone # and Kurt calls him. Really, really GOOD.

****Chances Are by Slayerkitty (sequel to An Accidental Chance - Rated M - Complete)   A chance of a lifetime. A chance at achieving dreams. Or what happens when Kurt and Blaine try to plan for the future now that it’s here.

Now’s Your Chance by slayerkitty (Rated M - Complete) The perfect dream. The perfect life. Or what happens when Kurt and Blaine realize that everyday life continues once your dreams come true.

No Regrets, Just Love by RippleKlaineBagels (Rated PG - Complete)

Based off this gifset. Kurt is a famous fashion designer and Blaine is a successful singer, and they also just so happen to have each other’s names imprinted on their wrists. Soulmate AU.

Go The Distance by ARandomFan91 (Rated T - Complete) Blaine is a famous singer, and Kurt is his biggest fan. What happens when Kurt follows Blaine around tour one summer, and the boys meet and fall in love? AU

Behind These Hazel Eyes LPBekka (Rated M - Complete) Kurt Hummel is a world famous model sick with the shallow ways in which our society judges by appearances. Desperate to find someone who likes him for him and not his looks he seeks refuge in the arms of the one man who can see him for who he truly is. AU