An hour ago I heard a cat scream, so I ran outside, and I found a newborn kitten on my patio!  The little guy was literally seconds old, still wet, squirming around and crying!  There was no mama cat around that I could see ((all my outdoor cats are fixed, so any kittens around here are from feral mothers.))

I scooped up the little baby and took him inside, and cleaned him off. I’ve been bottle feeding him, but it’s been a bit messy.

The grey and white kitty you see in the photos, that isn’t the baby’s mama. That is the Feline Madame (Megs). She saw that baby and decided that she was its mama! lol.  She is an older cat, and fixed, so she cannot nurse him or anything, but she is being his mama nevertheless!  And she is being more than happy to clean off the milk-messy baby when I put him back in the box.