“The Kiss at the Morgue”

Happy Kissing Tuesday and anniversary of our boys’ first meeting at Bart’s.

The drawing is an illustration (and teaser) for chapter 12 of Over Hill and Under Hill. The chapter is currently being written, but given how busy I’m with school and other things at the moment I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.

The drawing’s inspired by Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph. For those interested in seeing a sketch of the drawing before I added colour, it’s here.

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(is this au, who knows) semi new to the job eddie comes to work SUPER sick and joe's like "uh what? go back home!" and eddies like "naw" but joe insists but eddie's kinda out of it and joe tells him to "wait for a few minutes i'll get my friend to drive you back" and eddie is expecting it to be some older grumpy work buddy bUT no its the cutest csi guy ever who blushes when he has to wrap his arm around eddies waist and when they get to eddies house INSISTS that he makes his mom's famous soup

oh my gosh.  ohh my ogsh. please. pLEASe. eddie is smitten (though he thinks it’s the meds? but maybe not) and makes sure to thank the guy with every other sentence. he asks joe for the guy’s name. “barry allen. he get you home okay?” joe asks next shift, when eddie’s fever has subsided and he’s feeling better. eddie blushes thinking about barry flitting around the kitchen and making soup. “yeah, he was great.”

TMI Tuesday

Hi! So I am here for TMI Tuesday if anyone wants to ask me questions about my fics or me. My works lists are here:

Let’s start with what is going on in my continuing stories.

Voyage of Discovery. Okay, I didn’t quite flake, but I got distracted writing To Tell A Tale As Old As Time flashbacks so we are pretty much where we were last week. I can tell you Beatrice will ponder ordering a 75 pound (UK) breakfast entrée.

To Tell A Tale As Old As Time. We learned what happened to Gold in the war and why Don and Laurel are kind of the way they are. Did I mention I really appreciated your response? I did. Thank you again. Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic that Lacey’s flashback will be up tonight.

I wrote crack. Belle Unleashed. Why do you guys like crack so much?!  I get that this is cathartic for the fandom so if you have any prompts for Heartless! Belle or things that canon steamrolled over that you want addressed, feel free to send it to me. It’s crack so I’m pretty open to suggestion. (Example, when Belle lost her memory in Season 2, why did nobody but Gold say that it was magic? She didn’t remember anything, why was magic off the table? Or is that just me holding a grudge about that?)

And if you have anything about anything else, Kiss Me, The Dark Floof, Scenes From A Curse, feel free to send that, too.

Ask away.

DAYS Previews - Wk of April 27

TV Guide

Monday: Brady and Melanie find themselves in a dangerous situation at Kristen’s lair; Theresa realizes she’s walked into a trap; Adrienne and Kate have a major confrontation; Chad pulls Abigail into a kiss.

Tuesday: Kristen comes face-to-face with someone else from her past; Brady and Melanie attempt to escape from the dungeon; Abigail is unsettled by Chad’s confession; Clyde sternly warns Will not to write the article about him.

Wednesday: Theresa is finally reunited with her baby; In San Francisco, Paul gets another surprise visitor; Aiden and Hope clash over Clyde.

Thursday: In Italy, the group from Salem find themselves in a sticky situation with police; Nicole and Daniel have another blowup over secrets; Serena unknowingly makes a big mistake; Rafe offers Eve some friendly advice.

Friday: Victor fears Stefano will seek revenge, so he takes precautions; Chad receives upsetting news; Nicole shares a nice moment with Eric, and it causes her to change course.

today is terrible for so many petty reasons!!!! I feel so overwhelmed by dysmorphia, everything even vaguely negative seems to fuel it & it is just making it so hard to function like I don’t want to do anything and it just makes me so simultaneously angry and sad and ARGH 

and I’m hungover!!!!!!!

and apparently me and Leo kissed on Tuesday, BRILLIANT NEWS. I don’t remember this but fantastic thank you SELF for letting the team down LIKE ALWAYS

pals wanna go to Revs tonight but I don’t wanna and I feel like a boring drain but I just wanna slither into bed and cry 

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FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! 10/10!!!!!!!!! WOULD READ THE HECK OUT OF!!!!!!!

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22, 24, 26

22. Five (5) things I want to change.

My opinion on relationships, my image, my levels of charisma, my moments of silence, my memories.

24. Someone I’d like to be for a day and why.

I don’t even have anyone in mind, as strange as some people might think.

26. Story of my first kiss.

It was a Tuesday night. I was thirteen. She was fifteen. The kiss wasn’t even a kiss; it was more like a peck on the cheek. She was leaving from a youth event, and I was sitting down. She leaned down and wrapped her arms around my neck, then I felt her lips on my cheek. My night was changed forever. Our relationship then changed. It was the first time I felt like I had a shot, either with her or with anyone else.

90 Day LDR Challenge - Day 14

“14. What was your first kiss like?”

Tuesday 8th of July, 2014. Around 3:30pm… give or take…

It left me speechless. 

We were just playing around, she had my phone taking about 50 pictures of herself. I grabbed the phone, and kinda fell on top of her in the dumb, silly way that do in the movies. Y’all know exactly what I mean. It was completely natural. 

There was a pause… we were looking deep into each other’s eyes… And then it happened. It felt fucking incredible.

When it was over, I felt so high, I couldn’t believe it. From that point on, I was hooked.


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Happy 😘 #tuesday #kiss