Kim Jin Woo

30 Childhood Photos of the Hottest Korean Celebrities Under 30

30 Childhood Photos of the Hottest Korean Celebrities Under 30

It’s Children’s Day in South Korea (May 5) and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the hottest, young K-drama stars under 30 in Korea right now and their childhood photos to track where all that talent and looks came from!

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Happy birthday, Kim Jinwoo!

“YG’s longest trainee,… the epitome of diligence.” The talented and skillful boy with a sweet and endearing voice. The one who never sleeps to practice because he doesn’t want to become a burden to the other members. With three years plus of training, thank you for never giving up on your dreams. You show us that anything is possible as long as we keep going and never give up.

We hope to see you achieve your dreams and stand on stage where you can sing and dance. Keep working hard and become the WINNER that will turn into a hallyu star around the world! We wish you all the best and good luck on your journey to success! 

September 26th — Happy 23rd birthday to Team A’s oldest and the member in charge of cuteness, Kim Jin Woo! “Celebrate and say, ay, ay, ay, ay!~”

Go up! Winner!

I was all worded out from textposts and discussions, so I decided to draw instead… as usual, it isn’t very good but I wanted to draw their outfits from the dance battle. In fact, this doodle began as an idea called, “there once was a Jinwoo”.


There once was a Jinwoo. He loved singing so he left his little island and his father’s boat. He came to the big city and met a lot of other people who liked to sing, but they never stayed long. Until one day, he met a boy who carried a guitar and played on it day and night. He spoke a strange dialect, and people said he was famous. But all Jinwoo saw was how he smiled like a silly kid when they ate together, and how he bandaged his fingers in the morning.

Later, they met another boy who knelt when he sung and twirled beautifully when he danced. Their voices matched well together, so the three of them sang their ways everywhere. That is when another boy walked through the door, dancing with more conviction than anyone had ever seen. His singing brought a smile to their faces, so they practiced with him.

But deep down inside, Jinwoo was always worried that these boys would disappear also, like the ones before. 

Then, there came another boy whose voice was deep and rough, his smile was radiant but in the dark hours of the night, that boy sometimes texted his old friends in the corner of the living room. On his way back from rehearsal at 3am, Jinwoo would see him.

But then he saw all of them. Even though his eyesight was always bad, he could see all the boys who used to be there, out in the fringes of his memory… and then he sees the four boys who are there now. When will they disappear? Or maybe it is his turn to do so? So he turns back to rehearse some more.

It is at a time like this when they were called to a room, telling them that they had 100 days to decide what to do with themselves. What is another 100 days after 1000 days?, thought Jinwoo to himself.

What followed was hardship and arguments and frustrations and tears, but also laughter and hugs and more tears – of joy. 100 days later, they found themselves standing in a stadium where thousands cheered their name, they danced their hearts out in perfect coordination, and they were told they weren’t disappearing anywhere anymore.

They exist. And they are going up together.