Kim Il-Sung


I made a video. It’s about the only account we have of life inside North Korea’s infamous Camp 14.

Why I Don't Like General MacArthur

General Douglas MacArthur was directly responsible for Kim Jong Un. Wait, wait, hear me out. After World War II, Korea was divided between the Soviets and the Americans. The north was, you guessed it, Soviet. They handed power to Kim Il Sung, who promptly did everything a good little satellite did: redistributing land, starting a cult of personality, and putting intellectuals and aristocrats in camps. Then he got what he really wanted, permission from the Soviets to attack the south and reunify the peninsula. The Korean People’s Army attacked in June 1950. They quickly pushed most of the ill-prepared, under-equipped southern troops out. The only non-communist piece of Korea by September was the Pusan Perimeter, a small circle around the southernmost point.

Then the Americans, backed by the United Nations, intervened. General  MacArthur led a daring amphibious landing at Incheon on September 15, 1950. Incheon was about halfway up the peninsula and over 100 miles (160 kilometers) behind KPA lines. To give credit where credit is due, it was MacArthur’s idea to land in Incheon, and he stuck with it depite initial Pentagon disapproval. The unusual tactic worked. Combined with a push from the Pusan Perimeter, American forces (excuse me, United Nations combined forces) rapidly retook the peninsula from the KPA. By the end of October the peninsula was reunited under American control.

This is where MacArthur gets his infamy. You see, American intelligence knew that the Chinese communist forces were just across the border, marked mostly by the Yalu River. So MacArthur was ordered to keep a large distance between the Yalu River and his troops. American bombers ruled the skies. With a buffer zone, bombers could easily keep back any Chinese advances without striking their own troops. But MacArthur was in contact with Chiang Kai-Shek. The exiled former leader of China promised that if MacArthur attacked from the north, Kai-Shek would land in the south and together they would end communism in China. And MacArthur wanted to be a big damn hero. So he did disobeyed orders. He marched to the edge of the Yalu in the infamous “Reconnaissance in Force,” and of course the Chinese crossed the river and fought. They pushed MacArthur’s troops back, and the bombers couldn’t do anything without hitting Americans while they tried to hit the Chinese. The communists pushed American and Korean forces to roughly where the original line had been before, and the next four years were a long, bloody war of attrition with no ground gained and many lives lost. The Korean peninsula is still divided today. Kim’s dynasty still rules their totalitarian nation to the north, playing with human rights and nuclear weapons. And we have General Douglas MacArthur to thank for it.


Like that, we became the first and last boarders at Sinchon Boarding House. My life at the age of 20, when there wasn’t anything special, in the city of Seoul where there were more than a hundred thousand people, these special people I got to meet like a miracle. We spent very special times together at Sinchon boarding house. We cried, we laughed, we met, we separated, we had heartaches. Even though each of us had slightly different memories, encounters and loves, we were together at the same time and same place like a miracle. 

Those passionate and pure days that I miss so much. Do you hear it? If you can, then answer me, my ‘90s.

Well guys, after seeing The Interview last night, I think its time to hang the North Korean flag back up on its mantle, cause that was some of the racist, degenerate shit I have seen in a LONG time. Here’s the plot:

Basically, the two main characters go to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Bear in mind all of the Korean characters have extremely orientalist stereotypical accents and talk-a-like-a-this the entire movie. So, one of the two protagonists meets Kim Jong Un and is convinced by him that what is said about his country is lies, (the starvation, the concentration camps, etc things that actually are lies), they start bonding and one of the two main characters decides he’s not going to kill Kim Jong Un. Then, when he leaves Kim Jong Un, he goes to a local supermarket in Pyongyang and goes to get food he finds out that all of the food in the supermarket is plastic and is only there for tourists to see, and then he realizes how evil North Korea is, and he pledges to embarrass Kim Jong Un on international TV so that his people will realize that he is not actually a god or a deity. Kim Jong Un is interviewed by the main character, and is asked “why don’t you feed your people”, and then he starts spewing a bunch of bullshit statistics like “the UN gave you 200 million in food aid and you spent 800 million nukes this year, KIM!” (that’s actually not true btw the UN imposes food sanctions on the DPRK they don’t give them food aid). After Kim Jong Un is interviewed, he breaks down and starts crying and then because all of the dprk is watching of course, THE NORTH KOREAN PEOPLE REALIZE HE’S NOT ACTUALLY A GOD!!!! GOD’S DON’T CRY!!!! Wow! Amazing. And then the whole country realizes that Kim Jong Un is a totalitarian dictator and not a deity and rises up in “democratic” revolution.

On top of that, the entire movie is drenched in misogyny and jokes about boners and sex. Like when Kim Jong Un hangs out with the main character he brings them to his palace and has a bunch of hookers have sex with him. Oh and there’s also this ultra dramatic scene where Kim Jong Un is talking about why he is a totalitarian dictator, basically because his dad never loved him and he has to blow up the entire world to compensate. Oh and something else, they keep referring to the main character as “Kim”. Another reason why the movie is racist and stupid as fuck, in Korean your surname comes first in the language, addressing someone as “Kim” would be like addressing me as “Merriam”. What a bunch of dumbfucks. You better thank your sorry ass’s North Korea saved you from such a horrible film.