The Selected / The Eliminations

Eight girls were not here / Anna was gone before dinner / Janelle had been sent home / There were still twenty-two girls here after Camille, Mikaela, and Laila had been sent home / Amy, Fiona and Tallulah were gone within hours / “I’ve decided to send all but six of you home” / “Marlee Tames, one of the Selected, a Daughter of Illea, was found last night in an intimate moment with this man, Carter Woodwork” / “Really, the fair thing to do was to let Natalie go” / “Elise and I got the boot last night” / “Please do me the honour of becoming my wife”.

(So I’m 98% sure this is the order, except Sosie. She isn’t mentioned after she first met America during the makeovers but America says that Ashley was the only girl from the first 8 to leave that she had met. But it can’t be anybody else because they are all in the latter part of the book (except for those who aren’t mentioned at all). So…)

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