“After I was discharged from the army I went to Europe. Actually I had so many fantasies about Europe that I said I had to travel there, but I came to learn that not everything in Europe is progressive.”
“Why did you think that?”
“I went to the beach with my friends to hang out, and there were elementary school aged boys who came up to me and asked me if I had a cigarette for them to smoke.”

(BIFF 2014)

“군대를 제대하고 유럽 여행을 갔어요. 사실 제가 유럽에 대한 환상을 너무 많이 가졌었는데, 여행을 가서 유럽이라고 꼭 다 선진적인건 아니라는 걸 알게 됐어요.”
“왜 그런 생각이 들었어요?”
“바다에서 친구들하고 놀고 있었는데, 거기 초등학생으로 보이는 애들이 저한테 와서는 담배 핀다고 담배 있냐고 물어보더라고요.”

141026 Inkigayo -FanAccounts:

-Evanesce was two recordings…teuk said it’s the last recording ㅠㅠ

-Heenim said when he was a rookie he used to like PDnim (forgot her name) becauae she is pretty and he said “this rap is for you”

-Heenim : Actually Gateuk (That’s his nickname for teuk, gae is dog), no leeteuk has been preparing the coffee truck for a long time. He said on our group chat - he got cut off by PD- ..He said he will post it on instagram laterㅋㅋ

-Heechul said someone he has scandal with will come, he said it was Mithra. Later we saw Mithra walking outside SBS and fans were cheering so he cheered too haha

-We chanted the heechul chant when heenim came out during breaks in recording and heenim was waving his arms haha like conductor ㅋ

-Heechul said "don’t i look like Victoria today"

-Heechul started singing the “Dont know why tell me why” line right in Donghae face and he was laughing so cutely & then Heechul hugged him

-During Evanescence they threw streamers and after that Kangin helped Donghae to remove streamers from his hairs ><

- At a point Kangin was still on the backstage and then went all the way on the stage saying “Teuki hyung Teuki hyung Teuki hyung”

-There were soo many people here today and the members kept asking if we came for coffee >_>

Hyuk was like why so many people came today?! You guys knew about the coffee right ?

Kangin kept saying coffee coffee, and kept asking we’re not here for the coffee right ㅋㅋ

-hyuk said he was going to buy steak for us next week but its too bad there are no music shows next week

-Donghae broke a fan’s lightstick (again) and he asked for another

-Before a recording hae hyuk and ryeong was walking to the stage and ryeowook , donghae were hugging each other while walking, hyuk actually looked left out ㅋㅋ hyuk almost bumped into a cameraman but luckily ryeowook stopped him

-Hae and heenim were hugging on stage also and they pat each other’s butts

-Sungmin ㅠㅠhe was rearranging the mics after every perf, and today the set was such that they had to open and close the doors to come in and out and he was always making sure that the doors were shut close even if it means he had to run to his spot for the next part of the dance. He didn’t say a word today too though, and kept bowing everytime the recording ended

-Teuk kept playing with the door, rushing out and opening it haha he keeps pushing the doors outward like “HERE I AM” he also made us count so he could come out dramatically..HE ALMOST HIT DONGHAE.(:

-Kangin was entering the door on stage and sungmin was coming and Kangin jumped cuz he didn’t expect min to be there

-Heechul said that he’s dongsaeng to teuk by 9 days but he doesn’t use “hyung” XD Then they started talking who is “friends” with each other (cuz in korea, if person is even 1yr older, you call them hyung/nuna/oppa/unni)

Teuk mentioned that kyu and ryeowook are “friends” cuz of kyuhyun’s fast birthday XD

Someone said that kangin and shindong are “friends” cuz same year but kangin was like NO

they were saying that Donghae and Heechul are friends even though Heechul is older cuz they’re so close

- EunHyuk kept waving at fan using a staff hands. Then he made him hit donghae. This face… so proud of himself

-After recording, hyuk was waving goodbye and hae stayed behind him and keep pushing hyuk’s back with his chest until hyuk went down the stage.


Danny’s team finished the regular season today with a 4-0 win, running their record to 7-0-0. That’s good enough for the overall #1 seed in the playoffs next weekend, an 8-team, single-elimination bracket that will start Saturday and finish Sunday, weather permitting.

It’s been interesting. At this level, they have started to play teams from neighboring towns. Unlike baseball, or lower soccer levels where everyone is from our town, there has been an obvious increase in tension at these inter-community matches. Makes sense; it’s hard to get into it with people who are your neighbors and schoolmates, and much easier to be a jerk when they are from some other tribe. It’s the worst part of human nature.

I’m talking about the parents, of course. Not the boys. They’re much more mature. One dude got in my face a couple of weeks ago over my volunteer work as a side judge. I just about shoved that little orange flag down his throat.

Anyway, good luck to the boys, who have vastly healthier perspectives than their parents.