“Reasons my son is crying” is a cute idea but the idea of devaluing or minimizing things that make children upset sets a generally bad precedent for the way that kid can experience emotions when they’re older

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A lot of people that I've talked to about Anora have not liked her. As far as I've seen, she seems callous and self-serving, and she throws you under the bus if things don't go her way. I mean, like, I'm not trying to be rude to you or discredit your opinion of her (please let me know if it comes off that way) and you say she's loyal and clever and I genuinely want to know how her character's traits translated that way to you???

a lot of ppl dislike anora bc the game sets her up in opposition to alistair on a very superficial basis. like, oh, hEAVEN FORBID she wants to keep her crown as a super capable and supremely talented politician and ruler??!? instead of this 20 y/o kid with no experience who doesn’t want the crown???

you should really check out this post here, where the bioware writers themselves talk about anora. see here:

“Anora wants what’s best for Ferelden, which is honestly, Anora. Anora was raised to be a queen, she understands her people, she understands politics. She is not power-hungry. She is afraid that Alistair will run Ferelden into the ground.”

anora is deeply loyal – to her father, whom she loves dearly (and, as we know, was a great man and, arguably, still is in inquisition [remember threnn, the requisition officer? she was a soldier in loghain’s army and swears fealty to him intensely, saying he saved everyone’s lives after cailan fucked up and the beacon wasn’t lit on time. loghain’s treachery is largely a matter of perspective]). 

you can see her talk about him here, and there’s always this brilliant post as well, lol. anora loves her father very much, and yeah, (as the writer’s post says) she “betrays” you if, unbelievably, you say you want to kill her father. gasp!!! so unreasonable!!!

She betrays you if you rat her out to Cauthrien, if you don’t bother talking to her at Arl Eamon’s estate, and if you say you’re going to kill her dad. All good reasons to betray you, in my opinion.

voila, straight from the writers’ mouths. anora’s not some shifty self-serving bitch – she doesn’t want her father to be killed because she loves him, even though she’s willing to stand against him at the landsmeet when she realizes what he’s done??? and yet anora has to deal with her father being executed, right before her, and even gets sprayed with his blood. what the hell????? that is so fucking fucked up??????

again, anora is not self-serving, not really. she is ambitious, but only because she is (rightfully!!!) confident. she knows she’s the best person to rule ferelden, and she loves ferelden. she loves her country and its people very much, and it’s because of that loyalty and love that she wants to rule, that she doesn’t want to hand power over to this rando 20 y/o kid who likes to play with action figures and has the subtlety and political finesse of a herd of stampeding rhinos. 

i repeat: ”she is not power-hungry. she is afraid that alistair will run ferelden into the ground.” !!!! and!!! good point!!!

as anora says, “i simply believe that i am what this country needs. i will fight for what i believe.” !!!

in fact, this one user summed things up really gr8 about the whole “anora is a bitch” phenomenon here when they said:

Many players have had words to say about Anora. “Bitch” is one. “Scheming bitch” are others, also “scheming, backstabbing, manipulative, selfish, power-hungry bitch”. Arl Eamon even calls her “…spirited”, in tones that make it very clear what he actually means. “Spirited” belongs in that category of Victorian-novel style words, along with “feisty”, and “lively” that means (to paraphrase Rebecca West) “woman who differentiates herself from a doormat”, which is to say, “bitch”. As far as I can see, the whole “bitch” thing is because Anora has the temerity to think she’d make a better ruler than Alistair, and says so.

anora is also hilarious (her playful smirk as she says ”perhaps he will bend over more gracefully than i would” & tHIS INCREDIBLE SASS even though she’s afraid for her life lol my queen!!!) and playful. she giggles and laughs, teases the warden (they can be like “ha ha could i get out of this engagement now if i wanted to?” and she grins and giggles and is all “short of throwing yourself into the archdemon’s jaws? probably not.”)

anora is honest – she tells the warden exactly what she wants, she never tries to double-play them. she’s not callous  – the whole reason she can supposedly “betray the warden” is specifically OUT OF LOVE FOR HER FATHER. the problem is, again, just that players forget that truly well-rounded, fleshed out characters… their world doesn’t revolve around the player. anora’s world is completely crafted by herself and at her own disposal; she’s a queen. she’s not going to kiss the ground the warden walks on for no reason.

she’s completely honest, yeah. she even admits to being nervous about marrying a cousland warden – she’s not cold or distant. somehow the fandom has concoted this very weird perception of anora, that she’s a backstabbing power-hungry ice queen, but it’s not true, not at all.

anora is brilliant. there’s 300+ quotes in-game from people saying she’s a brilliant politician, loved by the people of ferelden, does her job beautifully, with grace, and wants to be queen because she loves her country, too. she wants to protect her people and her country; she loves her country, as she loves her father, and she just wants to do what she thinks is right. as she said, she will fight for what she believes.

when most npcs bend over backwards for the player character, anora refusing to be subdued may make her seem callous and self-serving, but she does what she does out of love. not to serve herself, but to serve her country and her people. 

Kids face unspoken violence every day, and they deserve to see that reality in books, along with coping and healing. When I was raped in high school, I would’ve given anything for a book that helped me recover, physically and emotionally. Books about bullying, domestic abuse, eating disorders, cutting, depression, suicide, gangs, drugs, drinking—these things affect teens every day, whether we want them to or not. Banning books or sugarcoating their message won’t change that. What it will do is invalidate kids’ experiences and open the door to distrust. But in writing about sex and violence realistically, we can help guide the discussion in healthy directions and start conversations that might otherwise feel forbidden. By saying, “It’s okay to talk about this,” we give teens permission to acknowledge what they’re going through and to enlist us as allies.

We’re saying, “You’re not alone.” We’re saying, “I see you, and I believe you.”

Jenelle's favorite webcomics

1) Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques

This is my very favorite webcomic. This is largely due to the fact that it is updated regularly (5 days a week) and the charcters are witty and believable. Much of the drama the characters encounter is very relatable to the 20-somethings I know. Jacques has been writing this comic since 2003, and is one of the few professional web cartoonists who make a living off of his craft.

Jacques has said that the comic is about, “romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.”

2) Kid with Experience by Jess Fink

Jess Fink is a fascinating character. Her larger-than-life antics provide the backdrop to this autobiographical webcomic. Highlights include the joys of scoopin’ poop, drawing erotic art, and Star Trek. I recently started reading Fink’s other webcomic Chester 5000 XYV (extremely Not Safe For Work and 18+), which is an erotic comic set in Victorian times featuring a charming lady-pleasin’ robot called Chester. Be warned, Chester is not for the faint of heart.

3) Nothing Nice To Say by Mitch Clem

Nothing Nice to Say is the “World’s first online punk comic.” And despite the fact that it has not been updated since 2008, it is still one of my very favorite web comics. The comic follows the day-to-day of two punk roomies Blake and Fletcher. Clem has described the comic as, “a bunch of punk kids in Minneapolis going to shows, plating in a band, [and] hanging out in coffee shops.” Although many of us devoted NN2S fans have given up on this comic, Clem reassures on his site's comment’s section that he’ll “return to it when the time is right.”

Tired of waiting? Check out Clem’s other webcomics: My Stupid Life, San Antonio Rock City, and the WTF comic of the day: Kittens! (Honorable mention goes to “The Coffee Achievers,” which is a wicked comic, but seems to have its URL usurped by a European Travel site. Go figure.)

I have many other faves, but I’ll let these gems sink in before I bombard you all once again. Enjoy!

Got faves of your own? Share them in the comments section!


okay, so i decided to post my halsey concert experience to tumblr as i was getting quite a few questions about what happened that day. since i have been to quite a few general admission concerts in the past, my friends and i knew we had to get there extremely early to ensure our spots since the VIP got in before us and it was a smaller venue. soo, we get a tent, my friends drive from nebraska to chicago, and we all meet up at park west. from 10pm the night before to 9am, we stay in that tent (except for bathroom breaks of course) and it snowed at least ¾ times. by this time, it was so cold that it was actually warmer for me to not wear my shoes and walk around in just socks than wear my vans so i take them off. at 9 am, the security guards yell at us to take the tent down so we take it down and immediately become colder, so we had to take turns every once and awhile to go to stores just to warm ourselves up. around 11 am, young rising sons come out ((bless their hearts)) and hand us out hot chocolate and they were all so so nice and kind. my friend chelton starts talking to andy ((the lead singer)) and tells him about how our friend group will have waited 22 hours in line for this and he was all like “oh yeah i heard about you guys, we’ve been talking about you all day” and idk i just found it so cool that they knew about us and that they saw our tweets. my friends with vip get there at around 1 pm and i talk to them for awhile and go back to the line. at 3, ashley comes out with 37927289 boxes of pizza and oh my god i almost legit shit my pants on the spot she is the most generous human on this entire fucking planet. her security was mad about her getting mobbed a show or two before us and so we could not take pictures with her or get hugs. since we were the first people in line, we got a lot more attention because we have been waiting longer and security was not as fussy and i was able to say i love you to her and asked her to say hi to my friend sam in a video ((which i’ve posted on my instagram if you want to look there. the picture of her smiling is also from that video)) which honestly i am so happy that i could get that as she lives in australia and ashley probably wont be visiting there for awhile. anyways, the last few hours in line were rough. we were all tired, freezing, and wanting to be in someplace warm. when we got in, i was first row and i felt like if i did not get out of the pit i was going to throw up so i lost my spot. i ask this lady for some water and she gets me to a seated area and saw how upset i was about loosing my place and gave me a vip bracelet (which is honestly so sweet of her because even though it wasnt worth anything anymore it showed that she cared). after sitting and getting myself pumped, i text my friend who is at the front and helped me get back to 2nd/3rd row in the middle. yrs came on and i sang along. theyre amazing performers nd it was so so fun to see them live. ((i didnt see olivver up close because i was sitting down)). halsey came on and she is so amazing i wish you all could experience what i experienced that night. she made sure to make everyone in the audience feel pumped nd happy and feel her emotions that she put into each song. i got really good videos of colors, hold me down, haunting, and ghost which i will probably be uploading to youtube sometime soon. but anyways my mom is yelling at me to go to bed, so yeah!! she also came out after the concert and took a few pictures with people🌟