Very quick sketch of the genderbent Kid Flash cosplay I want to do for the rAge convention. Mostly so the judges have a reference XD I’ve changed the lightning bolts on the ears because I find a lot of people who cosplay Kid Flash struggle to get an attractive looking head-mask. So the mask will just be glued on with spirit gum. The shoes are just going to be yellow converse.

Only 9 days to go! D:

EDIT: I forgot to draw the goggles on, but they will be there! XD

027 A Soldier?

This one is pretty short.

AU originally inspired by a DLC to Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle, if I remember correctly. 
And I also watched ‘The Expendables 3’ few days ago.

Nobody really knows how old Robin and Kid Flash are. 
They just showed up one day, and the boss said that they were to be treated as equals. 
Gardner was really angry at first, complaining about rookies and children being added to their team. 
None of them wanted to be a babysitter during the job. 
But they were approved by the Bruce Wayne himself. No one could relly argue with that. 

They both quickly showed them, that they might be young, but they are just as experienced as them. 
It was weird, having two such young people in their crew. They were both small, and incredibly fast. 
Their shooting and fighting abilities were extraordinary. 

And well, Guy might not like it, but Robin and Kid Flash had good ideas,
that while dangerous and crazy, got all of them out of trouble countless times.  
For example that one stunt that they pulled when the team was surrounded by the enemy. 
The other guys had them in a tight spot, weaponless, and it looked like there was no way out of it. 
And then Kid Falsh sneezed. 
The enemy guys were so stratled, that very gun was suddenly on him and he almost got shot.
Kid Flash’s team could only roll their eyes at their idiotic teammate. 
And then Guy noticed, that Robin wasn’t with them. 
And then the lights came off, and the team could hear grunts of enemy getting knocked out. 
Kid Flash’s sneezed so Robin could get away while everyone’s attention was on the red head.
They had planned it all along. 

Guy couldn’t help but chuckle, as he too jumped into the fight. 
There was no denying, they got balls. 
They also loved to joke around. 
No wonder why Jordan liked them so much.