"Grey’s Anatomy" Stars Hint At Season 11 (x)


"I can’t talk enough about Kevin McKidd. Yes, talented, blah blah blah blah blah blah, but there’s one thing. Okay, more than one thing. One, he’s a great kisser. Two, he has amazing skin. I get to touch it sometimes.Yeah, it’s your skin and your lips, babe." - Sandra Oh (x)

"[About Sandra] She’s always going to be my friend. She’s one of my best friends. I feel tearful talking about it. It reminds me of how great that chemistry is." - Kevin McKidd (x)


Owen Hunt Appreciation Week
Day 4: Most badass moment

"Hello, I am Dr. Hunt. I’m the surgeon who repaired your broken jaw. I’m also the guy who broke it. Now, they want me to come down here and apologize to you and I want to make something quite clear. I feel good about what I did. I reviewed the security tape and I easily prevented a half of dozen of people from being injured, by you.”


Sandra has been my ultimate acting partner in my career — and I’ve been fortunate to work with many great actors — but Sandra is at the top of that list as a co-acting partner, and she’ll remain at the top of my list for a long time to come.

Oh cited Mckidd — whom she called the “greatest acting partner you could ever ask for" — for creating a place where she didn’t feel as if she were acting but instead what Stanivslaski called a “state of being”. “You are not acting, you are in a state of being and you actually are the character,” she says. “To actually get to the point in my career where you can experience that was the highlight of my career”.