Keep calm and carry on

We get it. You eat food and have heard of Britain.

4 Things the Internet Can Shut the F**k Up About Anytime Now

#4. Bacon

For untold numbers of years, bacon existed as a delicious breakfast meat and nothing more. Then, seemingly overnight, it became the only thing that mattered (and other overused Internet sayings). No longer was enjoying bacon in relative silence and anonymity acceptable. You had to wear your bacon fandom on your shirt, your hat, your doughnuts, and all sorts of other places where a fried piece of pork doesn’t really belong. Don’t get me wrong, nothing you motherfuckers do will ever make me stop enjoying the delicious taste of bacon, but we’re well past the point where anyone should be bragging about their bacon intake like it makes them some sort of special category of person. No, you’re either a vegetarian or you eat bacon, there isn’t a whole lot else to it.

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