As promised, here’s my scanlation of the SMT1 OST liner notes that eirikrjs generously scanned that has Kazuma Kaneko talking shop about his pixel art philosophies. :D!

There’s a decent amount of ground covered here considering how short it is. Some of his advice is a little dated, as indicated by his references to sprite color pallet limitations on consoles during SMT1’s heyday, but hopefully this is still a fun look into how some of Atlus’ most iconic demon designs were originally handled. Pretty unorthodox jumping immediately into sprite work for a lot of demons!

For best readability, make sure to right click each image and either save it or open it in a new tab so that they can be viewed at full size.

Thanks for reading!



Fanmade SMT figures and trinkets!

Of course, these aren’t available for sale unless you happened to attend a past Wonder Festival, a Japanese hobby con, where these pictures originate. 4000 Macca for that Demiurge was a frickin’ steal, to say nothing of the rest.


UPDATE: This post is rather out-of-date because I have since scanned all the artwork that’s here merely previewed. Click on through to the other post for the scans, and enjoy some good ol’-fashioned KK!

Finally obtained the Megami Tensei II book that’s filled with vintage designs by Kaneko—Kazuhiro Kaneko. Here’s some highlights, out of a total of 141 demon illustrations. I will probably scan eventually soonish, but unfortunately there are many designs near or overlapping the binding. Just have to wait and see!