High Purity Gas Analysis

High Purity Gas Analysis

Manufactured Gas - Liquefied Gas & Fuel Oils: ASTM, ASME, GPA, CGA, EPA, DEP, OEM based testing of gaseous or liquid fuels for: Physical Properties, composition, C, H, O, Total Nitrogen/Sulfur, Btu content (HHV/LHV), Odorants, Trace Metals, Water, Sediment, Bioactivity, etc.

Non-Condensable (Inert) Gases by Mass Spectrometry or Gas Chromatography for the determination of: Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He) & others (low-sub ppm detection limits.

Total Hydrocarbon Content (THC) as “ppm methane” by THC Analyzer (sub-ppm detection limits).

Water Vapor (H2O) by Electrolytic Hygrometer, Karl Fisher Titrimeter, or Detector Tube (low ppm detection limits).

Odor (by USP “vapor sniff” test).

Odor Identification Studies

Oil (Mist/Condensed) & Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) by Gravimetry (low ppm detection limits).

Oil/Residue Identification by IR Microscopy, High Temp. Gas Chromatography, Size Exclusion Chromatography, or Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).

Volatile Hydrocarbons + Acetylene (VHA) by Gas Chromatography for the determination of light hydrocarbons such as: methane, Ethylene, Acetylene, Ethane, Propylene, Propane, Butenes, Butanes, Pentenes & Pentanes.

Gas Cell IR Spectrometry (10M pathlength) for low/sub-ppm positive identification & quantitation of many IR-active unknown or suspected contaminants.

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) for low/sub-ppm positive identification & quantitation of a wide variety of unknown or suspected contaminants.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Catalytic Mechanization/Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography/Thermal Conductivity Detection, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, or Detector Tube.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) by Catalytic Methanization/Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography/ Thermal Conductivity Detection, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, or Detector Tube (low/sub-ppm detection limits).

Halogenated Solvents by Gas Chromatography/Electron Capture Detection, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry or Detector Tube (low ppb detection limits) for the determination of solvents such as Freon TF, 1,1, 1-Thrichlorethane, 1,1,2 Trichlorethylene, Perchloroethylene.

Trace Chloride Content (as HC1) by Impinger/Ion Chromatography, Titrimetry, or Detector Tube.

Specific Gases/Vapors by Detector Tube (i.e. Oxides of Nitrogen [NOx, NO, NO2], Hydrogen Sulfide [H2S], Hydrogen Cyanide [HCN], Hydrogen Chloride [HCl], Phosphine [PH3], Phosgene [COCl2], Ozone [O3], Gasoline, Oil (Vapor), Freons, Perchloroethylene & many others.

Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC) by Gas Chromatography/Flame Photometric Detection or Gas Chromatography/”Hall” Conductivity Detection (low ppb detection limits) for the determination of sulfur compounds such as: Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Methyl Mercaptan, Ethyl Mercaptan, Dimethyl Sulfide, Carbon Disulfide, Isopropyl Mercaptan, Methyl Ethyl Mercaptan, n-Propyl Mercaptan, tert-Butyl Mercaptan, Dimethyl Disulfide, sec-Butyl Mercaptan, Isobutyl Mercaptan, Diethyl Sulfide & n-Butyl Mercaptan.

Ammonia (NH3) by UV-VIS Spectrometry, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, or Detector Tube (low/sub-ppm detection limits).

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx including: NO + NO2) by UV-VIS Spectrometry, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, or Detector Tube (low/sub-ppm detection limits).

Nitric Oxide (NO) by UV-VIS Spectrometry, Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, or Detector Tube (low sub-ppm detection limits).

Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) by Gas Cell IR Spectrometry, Gas Chromatography, Potentiometry, or Detector Tube (low/sub-ppm detection limits).

On-Site Sampling/Testing

Customer Cylinder Cleaning/Maintenance & Cleanliness Certification services available.

Sampling Equipment Rental/Purchase including: stainless steel D.O.T. approved sample cylinders (dual-valved & 1800 psig rupture disk equipped), Tedlar gas bags, mini-impingers, filter cartridge assemblies, silica gel/charcoal adsorption tubes, sample pumps, flowmeters. Sampling instructions, analysis request forms, shipping labels (when applicable) & “Hazmat” shipping guidelines are included.


128/365 Remy on Flickr.


Day 128 

Late evening, and still no photo of the day… what to take? Night shot of my 10,000 oaks? Bugs? Remy! This is Jessica’s beta, Remy. He is visiting for the week. HARD to photograph! Used a flash light from above. I didn’t want to freak him out with a stobe. He didn’t seem to mind the flash light. But getting him in focus was impossible. But I like it, he is a nice guy to have around.

018/365 Cloudy star trails on Flickr.

Day 18

Not a cloud in the sky before sunset, then they moved in as I setup for 90 minutes of photographing…  This is a stack from the first 29 one minute exposures.

 Good thing I have 347 more chances to get clear sky!

“I’ll be back”

See the animation of the first 72 minutes of photographing the sky: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7174/6723757623_159ee9eb09_o.gif

129/365 Liberty Says… on Flickr.

Liberty Says…
Day 129 

Election day in NC. Mostly primaries, but the ballot did include a constitutional amendment:
“Sec. 6. Marriage.
Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or
recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with
another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties
pursuant to such contracts.”

I see the courts will be busy if this passes. And it will make Liberty sad too.