Smile from 2m years ago: Revealed, the face of the ‘missing link’ between ape and man

A curious smile playing on his face, the eyes and mouth are unmistakably human while the cheekbones and jutting brow say wild animal.

Meet Karabo, probably our earliest ancestor and the ‘missing link’ between man and ape – ‘seen’ for the first time thanks to this incredible portrait.

Created by paleo-artist John Gurche, it is based on the remarkably well-preserved skeleton of a boy aged around 13, found in a cave in South Africa.

Karabo – which means ‘the answer’ and is somewhat more catchy than his official name of Australopithecus sediba – stood 4ft 4in and lived nearly two million years ago.

When he was discovered in 2008, the greatest shock for researchers was his human-like hand.

Lee Berger, professor of evolutionary biology at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, said: ‘We’ve never seen that before.

‘It really is undeniable when you lay it in your hand that it’s not a chimp. It looks like a hand capable of making tools. He shares more with humans than anything else ever discovered but is still so primitive and that’s exciting.’

Begging you for mercy!

I never used to see them. Well, I did, but I just didn’t let them in, that is to say, acknowledge them. On a daily basis I kept my window up and didn’t even look to the side when a person came to beg at my car at any intersection.

As things go with us women, I met a man. One with a big heart, or at least big enough to care about people on the street. This guy made me see them in a different light and made me realise that my view of such people was a teensy weensy bit judgemental. Then, to top all that, along came the Love Life advert of the guy begging for work at intersection to better his life and that of his impoverished family. That was what drove the stake in deeper.

I let them in. I acknowledged them and still do. I give what I can, when I can and the rest of the time, I look them in the eye, shrug my shoulders and lift my hands, indicating that I have nothing.

While I find that it’s a noble thing to do for another fellow being, it is expensive! There are so many intersections and at each one there is someone begging for food, money, anything, even a job.

I have a budget for the intersection people. A monthly one, in coins. When that’s done, which goes pretty quickly, that’s it.

One night though, I saw someone hand out three crisp R10 notes. All in one go! And it was in that moment that I realised the begging won’t stop because those who have pacify their guilt by giving lots of money at a go.

While I appreciate that we all have different realities, I often wonder how genuine those boards are. And whether, given the choice, would those people choose to work or continue to beg. There are those that get aggressive when I indicate I have nothing to give and those don’t get a big allocation of the budget. Then, there was a young white man in Yeoville that I wished I could talk to, just to say to him: get off the drugs dude. I worry most about the children though. The young men, on whose shoulders the next generations should be built on, who are begging so early in their lives.

All I can say is: I’m begging for some mercy, some reprieve from all those begging. My heart wants to help every single person, but my resources don’t because they can’t.

follow the leader...

In all honesty, I shall accept and appreciate that I’m not really unique from most of you in the sense that I’m also weird but in being on the real line I must warn you’ll who are new to my world that I’m just so special. If you think you’ve ever met anyone weirder then I guess you are in for a surprisecause I’m just nothing you’ve ever imagined before! So meet me sucker!

Who run the world

No, I haven’t lost my English grammar along the way. This is the title of Beyoncé’s latest song. The next line is “girls!girls!”.

The song isn’t great, but since I’m not a fan in general, I don’t think I’m qualified to make a fair comment on her music. But the title came to me while I was in a meeting today.

I walked in late to a contributors meeting for a wonderful association. Besides the secretary of the meeting, I was the only female there, among some really strong and powerful men. It didn’t feel awkward until I noticed I was the youngest in the room and a female at that!

My first thought was: men run the world. Duh! They’ve been doing it since time immemorial. Then, another lady joined the meeting. And the contribution grew louder from our corner of the table.

Very slowly, I had an answer dawn on me to “who run the world”. It’s not girls, my dear Beyoncé. But rather, it is strong, confident, influential and powerful WOMEN! Knowing I’m in the best company really makes me excited to be a woman in these times because I’m chipping into running the world!