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Sunday, September 14th 2014


DRAMAtical Murder dj - Ohayou Connect by Inao Maasa // pixiv id: 2322882 (Harench-noon) - [NoiAo] (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

Free! dj - Even Just One Second Longer by Iincho // pixiv id: 476111 (Gummy!) - [HaruRin] (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

Haikyuu!! dj - Picking Up The Pieces of Your Color by Bubunhanten // pixiv id: 3068501 (Kazukirai) - Part 2 [KageHi, OiKage] (end) ⋆ #Drama #Yaoi → HQ!! Scans

Hyouka dj - Hyounou by Hirayoshiami // pixiv id: 4854562 (Applesmith) - [Houtarou x Satoshi] (oneshot) ⋆ #Shonen Ai →Baka Dumb Aho Scans

/!\Shota Kingdom Hearts dj - Lovely Devil by Samwise (Ssize) - [Riku x Sora] (oneshot) ⋆ #Smut #Yaoi → Busy Bee Translations

Kuroko no Basuke dj - In the Hole by Psyche Delico (No. 21) - [TakaMido] (oneshot) ⋆ #Drama #Yaoi → Yefione

Kuroko no Basuke dj - Misoji no Koi by Gusari // pixiv id: 328608 (Sashikiz) - [KagaKuro] (oneshot) ⋆ #Shonen Ai → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

Kuroko no Basuke dj - Misoji no Seikatsu by Gusari // pixiv id: 328608 (Sashikiz) - [KagaKuro] (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

Kuroko no Basuke dj - Tengoku Made Massugu by Biscotti // pixiv id: 8022055 (yukara-kiriri) - [KagaAo] (oneshot) ⋆ #Yaoi → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

Samurai Flamenco dj - Ally of Justice by Suikou Eko // pixiv id: 486648 & Nekota // pixiv id: 1987306 (pool & KABECHORO) - [GotoMasa] (oneshot) ⋆ #Shonen Ai → Baka Dumb Aho Scans

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                                     K A G A K U R O M O N T H

Hello fans of Kuroko no Basket and Kagakuro! Welcome to the kagakuro month, an event celebrating the pairing of Kagami/Kuroko FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.

What: An event dedicated to our favorite knb pairing!

When: from 11th of October till the 10th of Novenber!

How: To take part in the event you must only create something (fic, art, graphic, cosplay, fanvid ANYTHING) during the time frame specified and post it (or submit here) with the tag #kagakuromonth2014. There is a list of themes in the appropriate section, but if you feel like the piece you are working on does not fit the specific theme for a specific week, then worry not. You can still post it during that week, just remember to TAG IT. Also remember to TAG IT with the #kagakuromonth2014 as one of the first FIVE TAGS, otherwise it will not appear in the tag and we will lose the opportunity to see your work! More on themes/prompts here.


  • Week 1 11-15.October; SEASONAL/AUTUMN + Field trip
  • Week 2 16-20.October; AU + Family
  • Week 3 21-25.October; 3rd POV/femslash + Fears/Expectations
  • Week 4 26-30.October; Future + Silence/Noise
  • Week 5 31.October - 4.November; Free time/Hobbies + Halloween
  • Week 6 5-9.November; Transformation/metamorphosis + Assignment
  • Free day: 10. November

Why: because I love kagakuro and you should too. 

those are important so: 

  • which one hogs the blanket

Kuroko, but it doesn’t bother Kagami too much UNLESS Kuroko puts his freezing feet over Kagami’s legs and he’s like JESUS CHRIST, and then he wraps them in a cocoon and it’s cute and snuggly. 

  • which one cuts the other’s hair

MY WEAKNES, it’s Kagami. Surprisingly, he’s very careful about it. 

  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning

Kagami makes Kuroko coffee or tea depending on what Kuroko’s mood is that morning. 

  • which one picks up the pizza

Kuroko just for the sake of scaring the pizza man and making Kagami snort into his drink. 

  • which one likes their music on full volume


  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed

KAGAMI. He’s always like, no we don’t eat in bed, but sometimes they do, especially after sex when they are pretty tired. 

  • which one is ticklish

Both are, but in differnt places. Kagami is on his sides, while Kuroko is like at the nape of his neck or his shoulderblades (pet headcanon shhh) 

  • which one sings and which one plays the music

Neither of them play any instrument, and they both like to hum to themselves. Also Kuroko sings to Kagami when he’s tired after work. 

  • which one proposes

I am so conflicted tbh, I want both? Kagami would  be like one day “hey tetsuya let’s get married okay?” while Kuroko would use the most embarrasing and cheesy lines to propose. 

Idk i like both. 

Holiday together at the sea:

Akafuri/FuriAka first holiday together at the sea:
Furihata: “How do I look with that swimming trunks?”
Akashi: “*noseblood* Beautiful!”
Furihata: “…”

KagaKuro/KuroKaga first holiday together at the sea:
Kuroko: “Kagami-kun, stop to eat so much! You won’t be fine!”
Kagami: “Kuroko, you’re not my mom.”
Kuroko: “But I’m your bo-“
Kagami: “My boyfriend must to eat so much like me!”
Kuroko: “…”

MidoTaka/TakaMido first holiday together at the sea:
Takao: “Shin-Chaaaan, you look so beautiful with the orange~~~”
Midorima: “Stop saying embarassing things, Takao!”
Takao: “But you’re so beautiful Shiiin~~~”
Midorima: “…DIE.” *blushing*

Aokise/AoKi first holiday together at the sea:
Kise:” Aominecchi, can you stop to look at my butt??”
Aomine: “Idk what are you talking about, Kise.”
Kise: “You’re really a perverted, Aominecchi. (。-_-。)    

MuraHimu/MuraMuro first holiday together at the sea:
Himuro: “Atsuki, can you give me some chips?”
Murasakibara: “Murochin, chips are mine. (*´Д`)=з “
Himuro: “Atsushi, me or the chips?”
Murasakibara: “I can’t decide. (*´Д`)=з “
Himuro: “What Atsushi? (`へ´) “
Murasakibara: “…” “Murochin, do you want some chips?”
Himuro: “Yes, thank you, Atsushi. (^∇^)”

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