Ok stop everything for a second and just imagine your OTP with person A pushing person B against a wall and grinding aginst him in such a sexy and rough way and then telling him he wants to take him right now… Person B blushes but then reaches for the other’s ear and whispers he wants to fuck him too and Person A gets so fucking turned on at the idea

[559] Kagami/Kuroko: KNB

prompt: sexting (for maria happy freakin late birthday)
premise: established relationship

They were gathering their things in the locker room when Kuroko tugged on his sleeve, and gave him the surprise of his life.

"EH? K-kuroko… don’t think that means what you think it means-"

"It does."

"So… why are you bringing it up?"

"I read that it’s essential to an exciting relationship."

"And you believed it?!"

"It’s certainly a little out there… but it came from a reputable source."

As doubtful as he was, Kagami had no intention to argue over such an awkward topic.

That evening, his phone buzzed with a text from Kuroko. And he choked on his drink when he caught sight of the words in the message preview.

'Kagami-kun, what are you wearing?'

'My team uniform…'

'Eh? Still?'

'I stopped for another burger'

After a few minutes with no reply from Kuroko, he hesitantly picked his phone up and wrote him again.

'Um… What are you wearing'

'Nothing. I just came from the shower.'

At that, Kagami nearly dropped his burger, fumbling to grab hold of it and at a loss for how to reply.

'…Aren't you cold' he texted back after a minute of deep thought.

'I'm not cold. I was thinking of you.'

A blush tinged the redhead’s cheeks, and he glanced around the burger joint as if to make sure no one was watching, despite that it was nothing more than tiny font on a cellphone screen.

'That's hot'

His fingers began to tremble as soon as the text was sent, and suddenly began typing again in a panic.

'Like this burger'

'I mean it's hot too'

'The cheese is really… melted'

'And the meat is really… steamy'

After changing into his pajamas, Kuroko picked up his phone again, curious to see what had Kagami so excited.

But his expression went blank as the text alerts popped up one by one, watching Kagami blow up his phone with sexts about a sandwich.

Asked by Anonymous:

“Is it bad that I saw that post you reblogged with the person who caught their 2 male friends fucking, with one of the guys saying “but I’m straight.” and thought, “This would totally make an amazing/terrible KagaKuro” AU. Kagami being the one who is refusing to be anything but straight.”

They were talking about this post.

I’m swamped with other ideas as for fanfic-wise. So, anyone wanna adopt this AU? lol