Au where Sam and Dean WERE serial killers in like the 90s and they’ve had lots of criminal documentaries made about them (“The Winchester brothers: the infamous incest pair who drove through the states, swiping innocents off the streets to soon murder in motel rooms” the criminologists would say). They had killed almost a hundred people in sixteen states, leaving their disfigured bodies lying on the motel beds to be later discovered. Each kill was done with creativity and uniqueness, no other kill was the same. They were disturbingly inseparable, admitting in some interviews that they killed a few people for just giving a glance at their sibling. Dean, however, was the most obsessive over Sam, sometimes mentally abusing him and locking him away in motel rooms for days, though Sam didn’t mind. People thought their outlandishly violent behaviour started with an incestuous and abusive lifestyle with their father when they were young, but Dean in a prison interview said “I wouldn’t fuck or be fucked by anyone else but my baby boy.” They were sent to life in prison, but Dean was to be given the electric chair after he spent five years of his sentence. The day Dean died , Sam took his own life by hanging himself in his own private cell as he couldn’t bare to be breathing when his brother was not.

Just a short WIPpet

Just a short WIPpet

Hi all. How are you doing? (Yes, OK I sound just like Joey from Friends!) Anyway I hope all is well with you. I’m still fighting off this virus – I’m taking a long time to get rid of it. Urgh.

So because I’m tired and not wanting to do too much as I don’t want to be too knackered to do go out tonight, I’m sharing with you nine lines for the month from my WIP, which I’m tentatively calling Teachin…

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