we got this basement right

a real cool place. my roomies used it for house shows at first til everyone lost interest and just started using it as storage space. they just started putting old furniture n shit down there, it was hella cluttered n dirty n forgotten n shit

i asked if i could turn it into an art studio n was told to go nuts. spent most of a week cleaning it and rearranging it to make it somewhat habitable. in fact it turned out to be a p badass art studio n ive started using it kinda regularly

then i come home today from class to find out my roomies have moved someone into it while hardly consulting me on the matter n they all acting like they didn’t just kinda fuck me over

cornflowercastiel asked:

I just read the three chapters of 'Drop Anchor' that there are so far and I actually adore it ^_^ lord help me your writing is always so beautiful and I can't express how much I admire you xx

Drop Anchor is beautiful and so are you. — noelknd

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thank you!!!!!! ♥ ;A;

I’m going to post chapter 4 of Drop Anchor in about 36 hours from now, which is a bit later than usual, because I’m hoping to post a fairy!Dean/tailor!Cas fic tomorrow instead (about 12 hours from now). Watch this space!

[ fic link: Drop Anchor (a Dean/Cas domestic pirate AU) ]