SO, I hit 900 and I’m NOTdoing a follow forever. I’ve learned my lesson.

ANYWHO, thanks so uch guys, ily all, you’re just, wow. So, frickin amazing and I really really really love you

anonymous said:

Mun tell us 10 facts about yourself!

BunnyMun: sure! lets see

1. i am quite a big talker to my very close friends! 

2. English is not my first language, that’s why i have some mistakes on RPs and asks *sobs* 

3. i just love cartoons! i try my hardest to draw like cartoons which is pretty dang easy :D (i kinda draw like anime but its not good vnv)

4. i dislike people who are awfully rude to my muses and me, which happens a lot! so much rage builds up inside of me >:O

5. i love bunnies (i guess you already know that lol)

6. i also like horror and creepy things!!! Kat kinda got me into those type of things 0w0 (i always fangirl when a creepy/scary/any type of horror fandom speaks with my muses, it just so frickin amaze!!)

7. i use to dye my hair all of the time! i use to have pink, blue, green, orange, and purple hair! and always cut my hair short before but i started to like my hair long and have no colours in it! happy hair!

8. i use to date lots of guys before! but now i’m single (again) i’m thinking about dating girls instead ovo boys are too much trouble for me ;u; 

9. i have a terrible memory! i always forget things important! such as my rps and email for this account ;u; etc. 

10. if you were hoping for me to tell you my age and see my face, i am not gonna show ya! because i feel very uncomfortable! before i posted a picture of my face and i got nice words but there was always rude words! such as you look ugly! you look fat! etc. etc. ;n; and for the age, people always got mad at for being too young or too old :/ wtf?! Tumblr is really dumb sometimes. but i give you hint! i’m over the age of 13 and under the age of 17! good hint? i hope so 

BunnyMun: there! some little facts about me eve hope i did well

Zoella Beauty in superdrug

Literally had the biggest freak out in superdrug earlier when I saw Zoella Beauty on the shelves, I’m not gonna lie I did cry quite a lot but and I’m not embarrassed in the least because it was just so overwhelming and frickin amazing to see it there in all it’s glory!! And as a result of my excitement I bought all the products! I’m so proud of you Zoe❤️ I really am 😊✨💎💕

I totally just don’t even know. Like, i’ve been youtube surfing for the past two and half hours. A lot of great cover artists out there. Just frickin Amazing. 

nixibean said:

My name is Nixi. I have a new harajuku/anime/jpop blog (masukatto). To answer those questions: green, the Titanic, chocolate, no- allergies. Question for you: What are your 3 favorite songs and why? Answer publicly if you want! :D

Hello Nixi ^ u ^ omg the titanic why? > u < Nikki can already tell your amazing from that omg Nikki’s 3 favorite songs?

  1. Bad Apple because it somewhat describes Nikki
  2. Beauty Killer by Jeffree Star because…not sure why Nikki just really likes that song and Jeffree Star is just frickin amazing<3
  3. Cercavo Amore by Emma it’s amazing, love the lyrics and it’s just asdfghjkl

Thank you<3 Omg Now Nikki wants to know your favorite song :3