Just Dance


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Mike and The purple guy will dance to this!



Exactly seven years ago, Lady Gaga performed for the first time ‘Just Dance’.

Lady Gaga was the main attraction of the party and am NewYork and Metromix Valentine’s Day party “X Your Ex”. She introduced herself as the Lady Gaga Revue with her two dancers and the DJ VH1. DJ Paddy Boom of the Scissor Sisters also did a set. It is rumored to be the first live performance of “Just Dance”, after she wrote in early January. Before the show, she gave an interview to Metromix and Angus Smythe took photos of this show.

Angus Smythe is the pseudonym of Peter Taft, a music photographer based in Brooklyn. He did a photoshoot with Lady Gaga in New York in 2008 for “Rock Paper Photo.”


Cameron Monaghan playing JustDance

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