Completely forgot to tell you guys

I’ve been invited to show my work in an Alternative Art Festival  in Munich later in June this year !!!!!

haven’t decided what kind of work I want to show, but I think I’ll just bring everything with me.

 if any of you guys are from the area, msg me and maybe we can hang out a bit :)

btw mein Deutsch ist nicht gut


“Then Day reaches out and touches my hand with his. He encloses it in a handshake. And just like that, I am linked with him again, I feel the pulse of our bond and his- tory and love through our hands, like a wave of magic, the return of a long-lost friend. Of something meant to be. The feeling brings tears to my eyes. Perhaps we can take a step forward together.”

People Born in...
  • September:are the Loveliest
  • October:have Multiple and the Greatest Skills
  • November:are the Greatest Friends
  • December:have the Greatest smile
  • January:are the most Colorful-Minded
  • February:are the Bubbliest
  • March:have the most success in the Musical Arts
  • April:will have the best of luck if they're always looking for hope and happiness
  • May:have the Warmest Voice
  • June:are the Greatest Lovers
  • July:are the Strongest
  • August:are the Wittiest