“When Jasmine came and dropped Jabbar off, I didn’t have a single clue on how to be a parent. I mean, it just happened in one second, yet she was expecting me to be a dad and I didn’t know what to do, and you know who I watched? Who I studied, who I looked up to? You. You are such a good parent. You are so patient. You’re so calm, and you’re so involved. And I watched you, and I could only aspire to be as good as you. And Victor hates you. Okay. You know who I hated when I was nine years old? Mom. Remember, she was on her crazy health food kick and only put wheat germ cookies in our lunch box? Yeah. She was deplorable, and I hated her. I loved her, but I also hated her. But I didn’t tell her that I loved her. I only said I hated her. And that little guy needs you.”